Royal Northumberland Fusiliers: Captain James Joseph Bernard Jackman

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    Captain J.J.B. Jackman, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, was awarded the Victoria Cross.
    At Ed Duda on November 25th, 1941, Captain Jackman was in command of a machine-gun company of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers during the tank attack on Ed Duda ridge. As the tanks reached the crest they met intense fire from a large number of guns of all types. Slowed to hull-down position, the tanks settled to beat down enemy fire. Captain Jackman pushed on up the ridge. Seeing that enemy anti-tank guns were firing on the flanks of our tanks, also rows of batteries to the front, he got his guns in position and secured the right flank. Then, standing up in his truck, he led his trucks across the front between our tanks and the enemy guns to get them into action on the left flank. Throughout he coolly directed the guns to their positions and indicated targets. Later he was killed while still inspiring everyone by his bearing.
    Captain Jackman was born in 1917 at Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.
    Medal listing of Jackman, James Joseph Bernard
    Rank: Lieutenant Temporary Captain
    Regiment: Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
    Date of Act Of Bravery: 25 November 1941
    Campaign: 1939-1945 War
    Locale: Ed Duda, South East of Tobruk
    Date 1900 Feb 02 - 1944 Sep 01
    Catalogue reference WO 98/8
    Captain JAMES JOSEPH BERNARD JACKMAN V C, 69102, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers who died age 25 on 26 November 1941
    Son of Dr. James Joseph Jackman, M.D., and Elizabeth Frances Jackman, of Glenageary, Co. Dublin, Irish Republic.
    Remembered with honour TOBRUK WAR CEMETERY
    Grave/Memorial Reference: 7. H. 9.

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