Royal Engineers Depot - Luc-sur-mer 1944

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    In my role of the Staff Assistant HQ RSME (Headquarters Royal School of Military Engineering) I have been trying to assist a young French lady who is attempting to trace her Grandfather. Details of her Grandfather are extremely sketchy at best (he was a soldier passing through France believed to be called "Kelly"). We have tried or are trying all the usual routes for details but are stuck on one particular query.

    Could anybody offer any advice on the following:

    Who was in charge of the main depot of the Royal Engineers at Luc-sur-Mer, between June and December 1944?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance. I have tried several of my usual search areas but with a 6 month back-log in requests being met I wondered if any of the forum members may have some information they may be able to help with.

    Thank you all again for any help you can offer.


    SSgt A McCartney
    Staff Assistant

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