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    this is my first visit to this site, so please forgive me if i ask some questions already answered!
    I am wondering if anyone can tell me more about my grandfathers service in the RE during WW2?
    I have his service records but find them quiet difficult to understand!
    Basically he joined in April 1941 at Derby as a driver/private number 1950518.
    On 12th December 1943 he embarked for Africa returning to Engand on 2nd December 1945.
    Although it doesn't state it on his service records we know that he was in Italy for most of his time over seas and we have lots of photos of him.
    He was also promoted to corporal.
    I would like to know more about where he would have been for the time before he went to Africa.
    Also where he was in Italy.
    Also, we have a photo which looks like it was taken at the end of the war as they all have civvies on, but it looks like it was at a hospital somewhere - any suggestions?
    Sorry if this post is a little vague - If anyone can suggest what I need to look at to find out more about his service it would be most appreciated.
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    Louise welcome to the forum

    please post the records if you can plus any photos ,that will help the forum members to assist you.
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  5. Loujn

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    Hello all,
    thanks, i will go through his service records again and see what i can pick out that may mean something to you all!
    i will try to put images on the post!
  6. Oldman

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    Welcome on board, can you give us more details to work with, if the following initials are on his records then these are the meaning.

    MEF - Middle East Force

    CMF- Central Med Force

    BNAF- British North Africa(n) Force

    CMF should show if he was in Italy
  7. Smudger Jnr

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  8. Loujn

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    Ok, this info is from 1 of the pages of his service records - not sure of all the writing though, so their may be errors -

    7/4/41 – posted RE, depot Coy, CWTCRE, driver.
    8/4/41 – 49/41, No 2 MTT.
    19/4/41 – posted to CWTC RE, Barton Stacey, Hants. 1 COY 11 CWTBRE.
    25/7/41 – posted to CW school, depot C Coy. 11th CWTBRE.
    30/8/41 – Bat 11, order no26, SC15 (2) AA WOAS, failing to appear appointed place by his CO South Molton, forfeit 2 days pay.
    25/3/43 – CW school, posted to 3 DBRE, Bownes.
    8/4/43 – posted to 68 ME section, Halifax, C Coy 3(H) DB.
    27/11/43 – posted to 2(P) DBRE for service RGZGY.
    “ - joined unit B Coy 2(P) DBRE.
    12/12/43 – embarked for N.Africa, ser RGZGY
    “ - OC B COY, no2 postings depot, L/pool.
    25/12/43 – X(4) TDP X(4) list 1 GRTD.
    15/4/44 – HQ RETD, TOS X(1) list on joining from X4 list.
    11/8/45 – HQ RETD, to U/A/CPC
    “ - to P/A/CPC
    “ - to W/CPL, paid rank 11 Aug 45.
    7/12/45 – SHE CMF, CTB PA/WE unit SHE CMF.
    “ - granted 28 days leave in UK. Dep CMF and CTBE to med/allied same date SOS CMF and unit on reverting to home establishment.
    12/5/46 – Released Y 7 list.
    2/6/46 – released W(I) Army reserve, class B release.

    There is nothing for 1942?
    Any suggestions?

  9. Loujn

    Loujn Junior Member

    Another page -

    10/41 – CW school.
    CW Scl – no3 (holding depot) DBRE.
    A1/26/3932 – 68 section.
    874/4/43 – 874 MECo 9/4/43
    874/63/43 – A/65.736 – 2(P) DBRE for serial RGZGY.
    S/W2/44 – ass med? Bat B3, embark for N Africa.
    91/44 – Descuit? 1.12.43
    X/list NA – 5BN 1 GRTD.
    NAX list 5 – 25.12.43.
    598/H4 – X1list HQ RE TD 15/4/44.
    X list CMF – PATWE
    3951/45 – X list CMF 7/12/45
    X list CMF – SOS CMF X1 list on 2.2.46.
    973/46 – reverting to home establishment.
    6 R&R 8/46 - 6R&R 2.2.46
    6 R&R 8/46 – Ylist (hosp) 8.3.46.
    X list CMF 2437/45 – U/A/ cpl 11/8/45.
    X lsit CMF 2587/45 – P/A/ cpl 11/8/45.
    X list CMF 3606/45 – W/cpl 9/11/45

    He was awarded the Italy star medal.

    Think thats all i can make out from the service records.

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