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    See Overview - The Royal Artillery Museum for the latest on the long and tortuous path to new Royal Artillery Museum.
    Archaeological work being undertaken to inform the eventual planning application was recently interrupted because someone stole some of the contractors' machinery. There is no truth in the rumour that the perpetrators were the shades of long departed Support Weapons Wing instructors disturbed at the possible close proximity of the Gunners.

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    I understood that a number of the exhibits disappeared somehow before and after the museum closed. It will be interesting to see what appears on show when this new museum opens (if it does).
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    April update. Subject to planning [consent] the aim is to open a new RA Museum in Spring 2022.

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    Another setback.

    ON THE 304th Anniversary week of the founding of the Royal Artillery, a body blow to the Regiment’s hopes of building a new museum on Salisbury Plain came when the Chief of the General Staff withdrew his support for the lease of Avon Camp West to the Regiment.

    Plans for new Royal Artillery Museum put on hold
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