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    Where would I find info or any photos of course 114 at ringway
    This one was from 30th April to 13th may 1944.
    Successful candidates were then sent to 1 airborne forces holding unit.
    Regards Dave
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    You can contact Duxford Museum through the Paradata site and they will look up and confirm your father's Ringway course number and date. There will also be a short statement on how well he performed. It might require a small donation, not sure. If you visit Duxford they might allow you to photograph the full report on a particular course?

    There were many photos and films shot at Ringway during the war for propaganda and instructional purposes. You do come across small group photos of men with their parachute instructors. I could be wrong but I don't think there was any organized effort to record men and ceremonies photographically on course completion.

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    Yes done that thanks
    And I did get a reply
    Just hoping to have a paper copy
    So I could keep it on file
    Think I've printed it below

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