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    Hello this is my first posting and like so many others i'm researching a family member.

    My late Grandfather served with SOE in Palastine before moving onto Greece, Italy, UK, Norway and then NWE.
    He was a WTO with the Royal Corps of Signals and carry this on during his time with SOE.
    I've obtained his P/F file from the NA through an FOI and also his army records, so lots of information to decypher and the reason for finding this site and reading lots of interests comments.
    I'm looking for someone who can help explain the jargon and be able to put some meat on the bones to his service during the war.
    His name was:
    L/Sgt Samuel James Henderson
    Army number 2325177
    SOE symbol D/H660
    Served with D/H and then D/S
    Brief history is he served in Palastine in various placed and units, before joining 51 Commando, Signal Wing Mil Est 102 (??), GHQ MEF, Force 133. Went to Greece - Peloponnese in 1943. Returned via Taranto to Cairo, before coming back to the UK and then going to Norway in May 45 with Force 134 ME12(??). Then moved onto NWE with 52 Division Signals. Then moved to the Army Reserve after the war.

    After the war he i think went to Emden with the Control Commision and that is something i'd like to find out more about as i'm struggling to find anything on this topic.

    If anyone is able to assist me, i'd be grateful. Many thanks in advance. Gary
  2. Jedburgh22

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    ME 102 was the training school in Palestine ME12 was the SOE Mission to Norway in 1945 - send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you an invite to join the SOE Discussion Group, 51 Commando provided many bodies to both SOE and SAS/SBS details of his service in Greece would necessitate a trawl through the Greek files


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