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  1. chrisy49

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    Can anyone please help with the badges, flashes and stripes in this photograph.
    I'm OK with the regimental badges as I'm aware that the man served with the ASC, Northamptonshire Regiment, The Royal Scots, The Devonshire Regiment and the Hampshire Regiment.
    Help with the meaning of the single and three stripes plus any of the shoulder flashes would be appreciated.
    Kind regards.

    Ron Badges.jpg
  2. Owen

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    The single red stripe shouldn't be bent over , it should just be a single horizontal red stripe worn on upper part of arm to denote a unit in the senior brigade of an infantry division.
    (edit,I see he was in 8th Royal Scots , who were in 44Bde of 15th Scottish Div, that's the senior brigade of that division.)
    The 3 red chevrons were awarded for each year of service during WW2.

    I see the wessex wyvern upsidedown at top of that collection.
    Badge of the 43rd Wessex Division.

    the red sword & bowl featured in a thread on 4th Devons here.

    there's also the lion rampant of 15th Scottish Division

    red diamond on blue square of 61st Div.

    edit: link to your other thread listing units served in & when.
  3. chrisy49

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    Thanks very much owen. I'm sure his widow will be very please with the identification.

    Do you think the item on the extreme left of the picture is a medal? It seems to have the Kings head on it.

  4. reddevon

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    The 4th Devons were in the 61st division late 44-45 its possible that a member of the 4th Devons would have worn the Devon titile with the 61st Div and the Sword ad cup badge underneath (this badge represents the sword of Exeter and the cup of maintenance, they both go back centuries) Exeter was the 4th Devons home town.
  5. chrisy49

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    Thanks for the extra info Reddevon. Very much appreciated.


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