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    Sgt. O'Neill (No. 5 AFPU) filmed an invader having a fag, lie down and a read of a book called "Stowaway" D -2.

    Can anyone make out the author? Looks like a policeman on the cover but cannot make the author out.

    03:20 A70 25-4

    O'Neill was wounded on Queen Beach Red on D-Day. I believe he was on LCT 301 but this might be incorrect, maybe LCT 300 which is written on the Commanders Rover.

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  2. Lots of books with "Stowaway" in their title! The author's name seems to start with an M or an N and looks short (MILES, MILLER...), while his/her first name looks like ANDREW, ARTHUR, ANTHONY or similar. No luck thus far.

    O'Neill was on board LCT 853 (215). LCT 942 (301) was apparently moored alongside 853 in the same trot. The Weasel from HQ 185 Inf Bde must have finally embarked on 301 instead of the planned 300.
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    Excellent find thank you both
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    Captured paratrooper of the 6th Airborne Division appearing nonchalant whilst being photographed by German PK photographers reading G-Men detective in Normandy. Panama Peril by Jean Francis Webb & Thieves Blueprint by Dale Clark.

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    Appears at 36:10 in video at .
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