RASC training for 6th Airborne

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  1. Those of you who have put up with my queries over the past ten or more years may be happy to know that I am nearing the end of the trail y uncle Captain R. Kent Green has left, but I now have questions about my uncle his in the RASC with the 6th Airborne. I have searched hard but found very little information about the RASC Air Training Center in Lemsford where he was appointed Chief Instructor on 13-10-43. (The name was changed from Airport Support Training Wing in November 1943). I know the RLC Museum has just closed prior to moving, but I did search their files online. I've tried to find War Diaries for this place and time, but failed. I've found wonderful books such as Frank Steer's "Arnhem: The Fight to Sustain," but nothing comparable about preparations for training of RASC to support the 6th Airborne in Operation Overlord. (I've read books by Gen. Gale, Flint Whitlock, Barry Gregory and others that help, but it is always just a tidbit here and there. Any suggestions for material specifically about the Air Training Centre or training of RASC soldiers for D-Day would be an enormous help.

    Also - my uncle's war service record does not state that he went to France again after being rescued from Dunkirk. My grandmother thought he was at Arnhem, but I think this was because he was jumps trained and could wear the Pegasus badge. Do you think i am right that he did not go, for instance, to Arnhem, if that isn't specifically stated on his war service record? The record shows that he was sent to SEAC for two months right after Arnhem - I think to be present when the 44th Indian Airborne was established in November, 1944 and to learn about supplying troops in mountainous areas.

    Well that is quite enough for one post. Thank you in advance for any guidance.


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