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    I would be happy if anyone could provide some info on the history of Headquarters 102 Refit Group, Royal Army Service Corps. My late father disembarked at Juno Beach, likely on D-Day +1 as I was told by my mother. He was serving with Headquarters 102 Refit Group. He got wounded in late November 1944. I understand he was part of 102 British Beach Sub-Area.

    Looking forward to getting some useful info or bibliographical references.
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    Thank you for the tips. I have found record details for my daddy at www.forces-war-records.co.uk and www.findmypast.co.uk . What I am most interested in is the timeline of events that marked the history of the headquarters he served with from Normandy to areas farther inland. He went on to become a Sergeant Instructor of Music in the Education Branch, then married a Dutch woman before marrying my Belgian mummy.

    He was one of the few to survive a bomb blast that wrecked the building he was in, because he jumped under a table. The wound he got in the neck was serious, he got lucky that medical personnel tended him without any delay!

    Thanks again.
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    102 Beach Sub Area was the organisation responsible for operating Juno Beach on D Day and for some time afterwards. I think it should be Reinforcement Group rather than Refit Group. Since heavy casualties were expected a large number of reinforcements for all the beach units were to be landed. RASC units came under 30 Transport Column, which was an administrative headquarters with initially two General Transport Companies, two Petrol Supply Companies and Two Detail Issue Depots.

    I think I have the War Diaries for these but it would help if we could narrow down the search.

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    The site you mention DOES NOT hold the official military service records of your father, they are held ONLY by the MOD and obtained via the form on the link supplied

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    The service record is the best starting point. We should then know his unit and trade.

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    You must be right, according to the record details I have got, my father was serving with Headquarters 102 Refit Group when he was wounded on 25/10/1944. He must have been attached to an organization whose name was different when he landed. I will get a copy of his official records and will get back to these useful forums.


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