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    A quick follow-up post to the above.

    Glyndwr Williams Service Number was RAFVR 1419660. He seems to be the left most person with shirt off on the front row (bottom of the 3 photos at Raiding Support Regiment) - also attached as image below.

    As discussed above, we know he was associated with RAF HSLs that took part in operations around North Africa and Mediterranean. Specifically, these were: Elba, Corsica, Crete, Yugoslavia, Pantellaria, Lampedusa, Sicily and Southern France - we have a hand painted tankard that lists the places where his crew were involved. We have a number of photos from when he was on either mainland Italy or in Yugoslavia, but as the guys are predominantly bare chested, there aren't any insignia, berets or uniforms to confirm what units he was associated with.

    I've uploaded a couple of photos of him to this post.

    Thanks again, Richard

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    Hi all

    I’ve put together a website for the Raiding Support Regiment here: The Raiding Support Regiment

    I’ve loaded honours and awards with available citations, a roll of honour, info on training, insignia, a list of known operations and the composition of the RSR and I’m working on a photo gallery as well with some really cracking photos.

    Would appreciate any feedback, comments, corrections or contributions from the many knowledgeable members here

    It will be a continuous work in progress but will hopefully eventually add to the available info on this unit.

    Kind Regards

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