RAFVR - How do I identify unit?

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  1. Cymbal

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    Hello everyone -
    I'm looking at LAC Mordechai Bergmann with the RAFVR, service number 775751.
    How do I identify the unit he was attached to? How do I know what ORB to look at for further information?
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    The long answer is - get a copy of his service record from RAF Disclosures at Cranwell (works for when you know date of death - over 25 years ago)

    The short answer for an overseas death is to look at GRO RAF Overseas Deaths Index to see what it says. (works for 1939 to 1946 deaths)

    The shortest answer is to search 775751 Bergmann on RAFCommands site and look at the answers

    "08-11-41 - LAC Mordechai BERGMANN - 103 MU."

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  3. Cymbal

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    Thank you very much!

    If anyone has any recommended references for further information I'd appreciate hearing about them.
  4. travers1940

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  5. Cymbal

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    Thank you. Yes, it's unlikely - but maybe in "The Abklarion", if anyone knows where to find those issues.
  6. travers1940

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    I've had no luck looking online for that newspaper.

    Expect you have seen this already, but it ties up his death in Egypt & 103 MU. Quite a bit online about both of these.
    RAF Aboukir - Wikipedia

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