RAF Scampton in 1940 … Info required

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    Does anyone know if Hampdens were stationed at RAF Scampton in 1940? It may be 455 (Australian) Squadron.

    I now understand 83 & 49 Sqds were based there

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    455 established june 1941
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    I cannot see any record of 455 being at Scampton. There’s a good, potted history here (but if you’re investigating the Sqn, you may be aware of it): No. 455 Squadron
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    Scampton opened in late August1936 as a new station within the newly created Bomber Command.

    The first aircraft units to Scampton were already obsolescent for the bomber role. These were No 9 Squadron with their open cockpits Heyfords and No 214 Squadron with Virginia and Harrow aircraft, the latter leaving for Feltwell in April 1937.The following June saw the arrival of No 148 Squadron as a long range medium bomber unit using the Wellesley which quickly relaced the Audax which was their original equipment but by March 1938 both Nos 9 and No 148 Squadrons left for Stradishall. In their place came Nos 49 Squadron (ex Worthy Down ) and No 83 Squadron (ex Turnhouse ) equipped with Hinds. By the end of the year both squadrons had converted to the Hampden and were training for the likelihood of war;

    Guy Gibson was a F/O on No 83 Squadron and in his Enemy Coast Ahead gives a comprehensive account how Scampton and its resident squadrons trained and prepared for war. When war was declared and the RAF entered the uneventful period of the phoney war, Bomber Command took precautions against a surprised Luftwaffe night attack by dispersing its aircraft based in Lincolnshire to places such as Ringway and Newton as a nightly exercise.
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    Thank you

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