Pte G W Cope & Stalag XXA, Thorn/Torun (B.A.B 20), XXB Marienburg/Malbork (B.A.B 84) & VIIIB Teschen

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    Hello folks,

    I was wondering if someone could clarify something for me.

    Before George's wife Annie died she mentioned something about a "French Citation". I am at a loss as to understanding what this could be for and Annie even applied for one from the MOD.

    Please see the attached image.

    As you can see from the image, Annie was told to write to the French Embassy in London...

    What & why would Annie try to apply for a French Citation?

    Anyone know?

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    The only way to really know would be to write as the MOD letter says to the French Embassy with details. The French awarded quite a number of medals to non French people during and after WW2 for a variety of reasons, although most would be to do with aiding French (civilians or military).

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    Oh, thanks TD... So George could have done something outstanding...

    This throws a new light upon things, mainly because George's children stated for the record that George never spoke a word of the War too anyone, not even to his wife - never! Nothing! Nada!

    So why would Annie be writing and asking for a French citation from the MOD and being passed onto the French Embassy in London?

    This makes me think that Annie knew a lot more than she let onto her children.

    which is totally understandable... I know that many did, but how could any man keep something so horrendous in for so long without going crazy... George must have spoken to Annie at some point about what happened over there.

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    Has anybody here ever written off to The French Embassy in London?

    How do I go about beginning such a letter?

    Are their any formalities that I have to adhere too?
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    I had some more photo's emailed to me today from Georges Children & Grandchildren.

    The boxing photo is a great image and one I'd hoped to receive for a while now, and the other image's are of George and all the other Castle Gresley, Coton & Barton Under Needwood lads who signed up for WW2.

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    Today I was sent another photo of Pte George William Cope during his time as a POW.

    This image is obviously from his time as a boxer and I hope you will agree it's a brilliant photo!

    George looks quite handy in the ring and not afraid of a fight.

    It also has to be said that all the POW's attitude to never give up, must have come in quite useful in the boxing ring.

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  7. PsyWar.Org

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    Hard to tell but looks more like an axle stand under the truck rather than a jack.

    Another possibility regarding the ripped off corners is not what's on the front of the photographs but on the rear. For example maybe your g uncle wanted to give his name and address to another POW and the photos were the only 'paper' to hand to write it on - perhaps during the long march or at time of liberation.

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    Hello folks,

    How pleased am I to show a photo of Pte Henry Chapman that was sent to me by the partner of the granddaughter of Henry.

    Pte Henry H Chapman,
    Regiment: The Green Howards
    Reg#: 4393691
    Pow#: 33362
    Date of death: 11 Apr 1945 - died as a result of an air raid upon The Long March.

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    Hi, my Uncle was in POW working parties, so I find the photo very interesting. We can only imagine what they suffered being POWs from 1940. Such a long time to be imprisoned.
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    Hi. I realise air raids happened elsewhere, but do you happen to know if Pte Henry Chapman was killed at Bayreuth in Bavaria ? A lot of POW's were killed in an air raid on 11th April 1945 when in Bayreuth. If this is the case, then it could be highly likely that he was one of those on the march from BAB 20 at Reigersfield in Ober Silesia. Also was Pte Henry Chapman at Stalag XXA at some point ? Is he buried at Durnbach ? As a number of those killed on this occasion were.

    Best Wishes
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    After the war, it seems many people just wanted to forget. Those who had been through the worst of it were silenced or silent!

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