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  1. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    As my research becomes larger and some what complete I'm curious to find out

    1. How long was basic training (trade not infantry)


    2. What was involved (silly question but I mean what was taught? Field craft etc? And I'm meaning trade regiments not infantry)
  2. Ron Goldstein

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    Trade (Not infantry) ?

    Would you like to elucidate ?

    Corporal Goldstein,R
    W/Op Class II
  3. Owen

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    Hutchie as your Grandad was REME & RAOC I assume you mean training for them?
  4. Fred Wilson

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  5. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    in this day in age when you join the army you get 14 weeks basic training if you are joining such as the reme, rtc etc but if you join an infantry company you get 26 weeks basic training this is what im meaning. i hope this cleared it up a little

    how long would basic training be?

    and what would be covered in it?
  6. Ron Goldstein

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    Don't know if it helps, but my own experience of initial training follows.

    Oct 1st 1942. Called up aged 19 and posted to 53rd Primary Training Wing at Bury St.Edmunds for 6 weeks basic training.
    Training in small arms and general basic Army training.

    11th Nov ’42. Posted to 52nd Anti Aircraft Driver Training Regiment, R.A at Whiby in Yorkshire to be trained for 12 weeks as a Driver/ Operator. The course alternated betweem instruction in Driving and Maintainance and Wireless Telegraphy

  7. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    thanks ron :)
  8. Brian Smith

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    Another question on training etc if I may. I am looking for information on the RASC Driver Training Centre in Cromer during February\March 1940. I can see references to a RAF Base there but no location or what the training may entail (other than driving!)

    Many thanks Brian
  9. williams46

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    Basic training was 6 weeks, took tests, PT, taught marching, and rifle drill, field training, firing rifle, Bren gun, and throw one live grenade. Towards the end of training went before a PSO, personal selection officer, if you were selected for Infantry asked what regiment you'll like to join, however may not get your choice. As for artillery, REME, RAMC, etc.etc. no option, he was War Office. One of our boys in the Platoon was a first class shot, fired for the Company in competition but he was selected for RAMC, he appealed against it, but told the decision could not be altered.
  10. Brian Smith

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    That 6 weeks seems to fit the bill deemed enlisted with RASC 1 February 40 and off to 10 DTC Cromer, posted 13 RMT 28 March 40. I have seen reference to several Driver Training Centres but cannot find anything on No 10 which was in Cromer - any information welcome. Could this have been within the large training compound at Weybourne?

    Cheers Brian
  11. Brigsy

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    I have been trying to make sense of my Fathers initial service period for some time now and would welcome any views or comments re his possible activities during the 2 "unknown" periods. The 2 periods add up to exactly 6 weeks, so is it feasable that his basic training would have been split in to 2 periods either side of his Fitters course?

    21st Feb 1940 - Reported to RA.S.C. 3rd Training Centre, Margate (handwritten note on rear of enlistment notice reads "No 8 squad,128 Company, The Grand Hotel, Margate"
    22nd Feb to 17th Mar - Unknown, presumably some basic training etc
    18th Mar to 31st Aug - Attended full time Fitters course at Paddington Technical Institute (have his full course notes for each day for this period)
    1st Sept to 17th Sept - Unknown - have nothing on his wherabouts or activities for this period
    18th Sept - Posted to 24th Res Coy R.A.S.C. at Swindon from No 11 Training Battalion (Articifer) - taken from his service record

    Many thanks,

  12. ploughman

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    In the Royal Engineers the practice in the 70s was after completing Basic Army Training you then went onto RE specificTraining.
    This involved Mine Warfare, Bridging, Water supply amongst others.
    Once passed out from this you then went onto your unit and after a period of time you then went onto complete your chosen trade courses.
    In my own case approx 6 months after finishing basic Army and RE training at Cove camp Farnborough and being posted to Perham Down Tidworth I then went on a 6 month Plant Operator course at Chatham in Kent.
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    Grenadier Guards, Illustrated London News 08 February 1941

    Illustrated London News 08 February 1941, 4.jpg

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    Three guardsmen from 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards, 23 January 1941; IWM H 6864 | WW2Talk


    IWM H 6864
    Object description: Posed portrait of three guardsmen from 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards, 23 January 1941. Catalogue number: H 6864 Part of: WAR OFFICE SECOND WORLD WAR OFFICIAL COLLECTION Subject period: Second World War Alternative Names: object category: Black and white Creator: War Office official photographer, Malindine E G (Lt) Category: photographs
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