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    I am reading a war diary, kindly given by Wills and it mentions MR then numbers - I presume these are co-ordinates.

    The diary is of the landings at Juno beach.

    Does anyone know what these mean, and if they do, the location of the them.

    Codes -

    MR 7F 989855

    MR 7F 998995

    MR 992848

    MR 994854


  2. Owen

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    MR = Map Reference .
    Lots of us use this to translate them to co-ords you can put into Google Earth & find the location.
    use this grid for JUNO. to find which prefix to put in front of map ref.
    in this case it is vT
    vT989855 = 49° 20' 11'' N 0° 25' 50'' W

    on google maps,+14990+Berni%C3%A8res-sur-Mer,+France/@49.3342777,-0.4266664,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x480a5f301f08857b:0x9e123ab6ef0634a4

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