Parade Uniform Help - Whereabouts on the uniform was this worn?

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  1. HomeCountiesBattalions

    HomeCountiesBattalions Burma WW2 British Cavalry Reserch

    Hello WW2 talk members

    Just a quick question

    Where abouts on the uniform was this worn?

    Does anyone have any pictures or drawings of the location this was worn?

    Trying to get a insight into the 25th Dragoons 3rd Carbineers parade uniform

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  2. Marcus H

    Marcus H Active Member

    These are NCOs (non-commissioned officer) regimental arm badges - the 25D example you picture is a modern fake.

    The 25D arm badges were intended to be worn upon the rank chevrons on the right sleeve. However, when they adopted the use of a bullion pattern (a specific bullion type of an officers beret badge) post hostilities (c.1945-47), it was worn above the chevrons.

    Note: regarding the wearing of the metal arm badges, I have seen evidence of Junior NCOs wearing the badges above and on the rank chevrons in the 25D. Also, some literature states that 25D Lance Corporals wore a gilt/brass backing plate opposed to purely silver coloured (white-metal, silvered or zinc washed brass) examples. Yet, contrary to such references I know of several silver backing plates worn by LCpls in the 25D.

    WOs (warrant officer - senior NCO) are likely to have worn the arm badge under their Royal Arms rank badge on the right lower sleeve. To date, I am not aware of any pictorial or anecdotal material to suggest otherwise.

    Uniform wise in India these badges were worn on the warm climate ’Walking Out Dress’ and the universal temperature ‘No. 1 Dress/Patrol Blues’ - the latter being more formal cum ceremonial attire.

    - Patrol Blues with a bullion arm badge version 83FE60EC-85D5-4124-875E-9EE754BCC9A6.jpeg
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  3. Marcus H

    Marcus H Active Member

    7EAFAEA7-E5D4-4047-AD4F-FD3FC72435C1.jpeg The top row shows a selection of officers’ bullion badges, the bottom row two are uncut officer pattern badges utilised postwar as NCO arm badges.
  4. Marcus H

    Marcus H Active Member

    48D50D33-DB03-452E-B46B-DBD515E802C9.jpeg 190E76C3-D670-46AA-B37D-503AE2A7EBD5.jpeg Lance Corporal Charles Fairweather, 25D, wearing his arm badge upon the rank chevron in walking out dress.

    The arm badge pictured is the actual example in the wartime photograph.
  5. Marcus H

    Marcus H Active Member

    074BC2A2-EE66-4204-92C7-B0B06ABC91E0.jpeg A selection of 25D arm badges, all of Indian manufacture.
  6. HomeCountiesBattalions

    HomeCountiesBattalions Burma WW2 British Cavalry Reserch

    Hello Marcus.

    This information is exactly what I've been looking for.

    I know there is a measurements guide somewhere out there for the precise measurement of the badge sitting on the arm from the lapel.

    Trying to find one of these to buy to make the impression is tricky as they are like gold dust.

    And also the correct identification stripes and patches too.

    This information has been a great help. I'm just glad someone know somthing about this subject

    Thank you

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