Overlord 'T' Marshalling Area, Camp T5

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  1. 43rdrecce

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    Has anyone researched this Camp, or can anyone suggest possible sources of information. A war diary I am studying has confusing and contradictory entries regarding location (I'm sure it's just me) but definitely gives location as T5.
    Googling suggests Beckton Marshes and possible later use as POW Camp for Italian prisoners. The Regimental history mentions West Ham Greyhound Stadium, but this seems associated with Camp T4.

    Can anyone assist?


  2. Trux

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    Somewhere on the forum there is a series of maps of Area 'T'. They are Ordnance Survey maps with War Department overprinting showing the various facilities. I can't find it now.

    I did make this sketch map based on the original. It does show T4 as being on the Greyhound Stadium and T5 further east.

    Area T.jpg

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  3. tmac

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    In late May 1944, D and E troops and RHQ of 92nd LAA Regiment RA moved to Camp T7, which was at Wanstead Flats. From there, they boarded the liberty ship Sambut at Victoria Dock on the Thames, en route to Normandy. Tragically, the Sambut was sunk in the Channel on D-Day.
  4. Buteman

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    I have a file on the T Marshalling Camps (It does not mention specific locations for the individual camps) and some maps. Also did the thread that Trux refers to. I'll post something later, as I have to go out for a while.
  5. Buteman

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    Trux's sketch is the same as the original map I posted. Also T4 was the old West Ham greyhound stadium.

  6. Trux

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    This may be one of Ramacal's as well.


  7. Buteman

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    Thanks Mike,

    I was trying to find that one as well. T5 was around the Beckton area.
  8. 43rdrecce

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    Excellent stuff, thanks chaps. In light of the last map, I have re-read the section in question which now makes more sense.

    Many thanks


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