Operation Tidal Wave - Ploiesti, Romania

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    I am interested if any of you have or can find any aerial photos taken over ploiesti during that operation.
    Preferrably high resolution, but anything you have will do. I've only found two on the internet and one of them is very obscured by smoke/clouds.

    Thank you very much in advance.
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    And the first one covers only one quarter of the city, (i forgot to add :D)
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    hmm, yes, but I was trying the no-money approach. I don't really want to spend that much money on a book, just for a couple of photographs.

    So, if anyone has the photos, please do share :D
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    Try the Inter-library loan service then.
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    Considering that the mission was a low level one, there are no photo's I am aware of that show this particular raid from any kind of altitude. Many of the images that do exist are going to be obscured by smoke simply by the nature of the mission. However, I do have some photo's taken from that day.

    B-24 "Sandman" flying through the smoke at Astra Romana. It is one of the most famous images from the war.

    B-24's flying away from the Creditul Minier Refinery after completing their bombing run.

    B-24 at low level heading home after completing the bombing run. Unsure which refinery that is in the background.

    B-24's at low level flying past Ploesti.

    Columbia Aquila Refinery under bombardment from low level bombers.

    All images can be found at Footnote.com

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