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    Whilst trying to find a photograph of two wounded paratroopers returning from Normandy either at Portsmouth or Southampton I have been coming across other photographs of those wounded in Normandy returning to England; with some helpful captions of the named men from newspapers, IWM and Getty.

    CQMS (Quarter Master Sergeant) WOII R Atkins (7600963) REME att RAC from Huddersfield, Yorkshire, wounded Caen (France) front, arrives back in Britain WIA July 1944. (Photo by Reg Speller_Fox Photos_Getty Images)

    Spr. Malcolm MacDonald (14418239) 233 Field Company, Royal Engineers WIA 7.6.44

    Spr. P.B. Livingstone (1923031) 233 Field Company, Royal Engineers WIA 6.6.44

    Pte. Frank Cutts (14660222) 6th Bn Green Howards WIA June 1944 (26th June 1944 Derby Daily Telegraph)

    Pte. A. McLay, Athabaska, Alberta, havving a tea on board LST428 (IWM A25101) Unknown Canadian unit

    Sgt. Robert Hey, M.M. (3386258) 9th Durham Light Infantry WIA 11.8.44 from North Allerton (top bunk); Pte. H Cabot, Montreal [unknown unit] (centre), Sgt. B Palmer (5677751) 7th Bn Somerset Light Infantry WIA 13th July 1944 from Kingswood, Bristol, LST 428. 10-11th August 1944 Normandy Wounded LST428 (IWM A25100)

    Sgt. A.V. Holmes (1990445) 280 Field Company, Royal Engineers from Derby WIA 10th August 1944 (Photo by Reg Speller_Fox Photos_Getty Images)

    Pte. Paddy H Clare 18 year old (14427360) 6th Royal Scots Fusiliers (KOSB) with 18 year old Violet Wollaston aircraft assembler (taller girl in picture) and 23 year old Vera Cherry aircraft assembler. July 1944 P012080 (Photo by WATFORD/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix via Getty Images)

    Pte R.F. Chase
    (14646039) 5th Bn East Yorkshire from London WIA June 1944, Pte Geoffrey Smith (?) Beverly, Yorks Tpr. George R. Hart (6352285) 61st Recce Regiment from Kent WIA 6th June 1944 arrive at the Ministry of Health Emergency Hospital in the Home Counties after receiving wounds during the Beachhead Invasions (Photo by Harry Todd/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

    Can't tell which unit Pte Geoffrey Smith was with, he was 18 when he was wounded and volunteered when he was 17 lived at 15 Waltham Terrace, Mill Lane, Beverley, Yorkshire. Mirror article attached.
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    The men from 233rd Field Coy, RE, 6th Bn Green Howards, 9th Bn Durham Light Infantry, 5th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment and 61st Recce Regiment, were all 50th (Northumbrian) Division casualties.

    Beverley was the ‘home/depot’ of the 5th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment, so Pte. Geoffrey Smith, could well be another 50 Div casualty. Probably explains why he is in a photo shot with two of the 50 Div men.
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    That's great Steve, after your helpful info went back through the casualty lists saw there is an Pte. G.J. Smith (14437356) 5th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment, wounded around June 1944.

    Looks like everyone in the photographs survived the war! (not so sure about the Canadians)

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    1990445 Sergeant Albert Victor HOLMES 280 Field Company R.E.
    20th May 1911 Shardlow, Derbyshire - 1985 Derby
    Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 15.07.24.png
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    Sgt. Robert Hey MM.

    Sgt. Hey won his Military Medal at Lingevres on 14 June 1944.

    From The Gateshead Gurkhas (Moses):
    Words in square brackets added by me to aid understanding!


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    The Sgt Hey MM citation and the LST photograph both mean much more now that they've been brought together. What an excellent find.
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    Any idea which LST they were on?
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    from brithm original link LST428

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