Normandy Then and Now

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    Maybe I am just blind but where is the highlight?
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    You obviously dont have the vision of Owen he can see through walls and around corners.

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    That's a famous bit of history reflected by the photograph (#1) of the Cherbourg Wehrmacht garrison marching into captivity up the hill out of Cherbourg on the N13...the road that led direct to Paris.

    Hitler appointed von Schlieben to command Cherbourg and its dominant Fort du Roule and gave it Festung status...fight to the last man was the order. Von Schlieben surrendered on 26 June 1944 but although he had over 20000 troops in his command, many were not of high quality and were a mix of Wehrmacht and Kreigsmarine personnel. The Allies were left with a wrecked port which was not fit for landing supplies direct until late in August 1944.

    A feature of the Allied interrogation of von Schlieben was .....a toady character.
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    This is the part I thought might be a pistol grip:


    Welcome to the forum, by the way. :)
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    high light possible pistol grip.jpg

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