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    To No9, there is a photo of the above troop on the BBC History photo gallery under page 5 if you are interested.
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    Thank you for that info. Unfortunately I am exceedingly thick and can only manipulate web sites which state such as "click here to access....." or at least provide auto links where you click on a title that takes you to the section it describes. Regretfully I find the BBC site does not cater for such as I with restricted intelligence and thereby limited in understanding of cryptology. On the other hand, if I were to think of myself as having reasonable average intelligence, it might suggest that the BBC site was one of the greatest examples of crap in pixels on the Internet?

    I did found some amazing historical revelations however. One lady advises the 'Staffs' became part of the Black Watch which then became part of the SAS! I didn't know that. The fact that the 'Staffs' (North or South) the Black Watch and the SAS also are not aware of this is inconsequential - if the BBC state this it must be true. They do have some 'learned' contributors who have probably all passed their 11+, or at least are contemplating taking it. These are usually easily identified as they head their articles by providing a list of 'players'. I was a month in Italy recently and visited eight Military Cemeteries. Strangely I never realised before that all the men there were only 'players' - expect they all must have their Union Cards paid up to date, else they'd have to go home.

    Perhaps you could post or link the picture here?

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    Thank you Malcolm, nice to know some are willing to help the afflicted.

    Fairly standard ‘me and some of my mates’ photo but interesting all the same. Interesting too the text accompanying. Reg Wilson being the only member of No.9 buried at Bari.

    I looked around the photo gallery, in its random format, and a search brought up another photo of 2 Troop wearing a style of Tam plus the Black Hackle:

    As the text says, the Green Beret was introduced during service in 1942. Originally in 1940 there was no standard head-dress. First they wore whatever they arrived in from their parent regiments, then some Commandos adopted varying standardisation among themselves.

    However, while pictures should be reliable, can’t say the same for some of the added text. In the same search I found a photo sited as being the ‘45th’ Commando in 1939?

    Text says:
    “A picture of my father and his army comrades of the 45th Commando in 1939. My father joined up shortly before the outbreak of war so he could choose the Royal Marines. He served in the Middle East, Asia, and in the liberation of Holland.
    Date of scene: 19/04/1940”

    Apart from of 1939 and 1940 as the date of the photo, the first RM Commando, ‘A’ or No.40 Commando (RM) was not formed until February 1942. No.45 was officially formed on 01 August 1943 when 5 RM Battalion was remustered as No.45 Commando (RM). !!!!!!

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    No9 I posted a reply with an attachment can you confirm if you got it or not


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    Hello Kevin, sorry, I have received nothing? If you would like to try again you know I'll reply.

    Kind regards
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    Hello chaps I've just registered after finding this site during a search of 2troop no9 commando .i was searching as I have just got a fs first pattern and second pattern dagger of sgt James McLean 7516695 2troop no 9 commando.i have transfer documents from the royal army medical corp 20/04/1941 his pay book medical card,pass ,Christmas greetings from the 8th card ,telegram,personnel letters,testimonial dated 23/10/1945'soldiers release book,chief of combined operations letter,certificate of transfer with army reserve, reunion dinner menu signed by 3 MM holders, army education card 4 photos of him on service and one reunion photo..THe first pattern comes with mint sheath
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    Hello Help needed and not sure if this is the correct topic?? on 19th March 1944 No 9 Commando were in combat with a map reference. Map Italy 1.25000 sheet 158 IV SE Square 8230 does anybody have any info where this might be?? please. Also if anybody has any information on the small 'commando' unit Wigforce part of the 6th Btn Royal West Kent please could you contact me, All the best Andrew
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    Not much in WO 218-69 9 Commando Jan-Dec 1944. Here's the entire content of the file:

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    Dad, on honkers, 1946 in Recklinghausen. He was in No.4 but I believe there are some No.9 there, too.

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