New Regiment one week old.

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by Owen, Feb 8, 2007.

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    RIP what a stupid thing to do. We don't need these 'super regiments' all it is doing is distroying centuries of tradition because Mr Blair doesn't like the forces.
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    I was invited to the Royal Green Jackets wake last week. I can assure you, the mood in the mess was not good! The evenings itinerary was something like this:

    19:30 Arrive at the Sergeants Mess. Dress Regimental, wives/guests in black attire.

    19:50 All RIFLES Transferees vacate to the Foyer, their guests to remain in anti-room.

    20:00 Bugler to Sound the Advance, the Funeral Cortege will then enter the anti-room in file bearing or following their respective Regimental Coffin, adorned in their Regimental Colours with a beret placed upon it. The coffins will be placed upon the Pool Table.

    20:00-20:10 A welcome and explanation speech.

    20:10-20:50 A rendering by a representative of each 4 Regiments on a part of the Chattels that will be Regimentally Transferring, followed by a rendering from the RQMS who will read the poem on the Death of Sir John Moore.

    22:30-23:45 Social gathering for all to reminisce on their Regiments and the passed glories.

    23:45 Port to Toast the Regiments that are Transferring.

    23:58 The Bugler to sound last Post.

    00:01 The Bugler to sound Reveille.

    00:05 Port to toast the arrival of THE RIFLES.

    00:10 An entrance of a cushion bearing the New cap badge of the RIFLES followed by a small presentation to each Transferee.
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    The Government of the day's handling of the military is a recurring theme. I rather agree with G.K. Chesterton on this one.

    Elegy in a Country Churchyard

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    "If i should die, chatter only this,
    A bullet flew by that did not miss.
    I did not give life up because of a friend,
    That bullet cam thro' and that was the end....."
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    New Regiments first battle casualty.
    BBC NEWS | UK | British military fatalities in Iraq

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=203 align=right border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>[​IMG] Rifleman Coffey's patrol was ambushed in Basra

    </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><!-- E IIMA -->

    Rifleman Daniel Coffey of the 2nd Battalion The Rifles - formerly 1st Battalion Royal Green Jackets - died in hospital on 28 February, a day after being injured in an attack in Basra.
    The 21-year-old was returning to his base after taking part in a task mentoring the Iraqi Police Service, when his patrol was ambushed by two gunmen. Lt Col Justin Maciejewski, commanding officer 2nd Battalion, the Rifles said: "As the first soldier of the Rifles to be killed in action, Rifleman Coffey occupies a unique place in our Regimental story. In death he is a shining example."
  8. von Poop

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    21 year old Rifleman Daniel Coffey, formerly RGJ, who died in Iraq on 28th February is 'The Rifles' first casualty in action.
    With that sad news the Tradition of the new regiment begins.

    Freakishly cross-posted with Owen at the same time?? was called away while typing.
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    Freakishly cross-posted with Owen at the same time?? was called away while typing.
    Not really old chum, saw you were reading this and remembered I'd meant to post it last week. Wondered why you hadn't so got there before you.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    Rest In Peace Daniel Coffey.
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    Why do they always look younger than their age?

    RIP young man.
  11. 52nd Airborne

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    Very sad news, the 2nd Rifles tour of duty comes to an end next month, with the 4th Rifles taking over from them.

    Once a Rifleman, always a Rifleman
    Duty done - RIP Rifleman Coffey.

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