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    Notwithstanding a little summer ‘off-season’ of general involvement into materials, I continue my GERMAN-2018 series of articles devoted to the Third Reich era, the social life, war crimes, and the Holocaust. This time I want to take you beyond the full-of-cliché understanding of the origins of the Nazi movement and the beer houses in Munich. We will deepen into the social background after the WW1, the Bavarian culture and then walk along five famous beer halls, connected with Hitler and the NSDAP. A selection of historical books (Kershaw, Ulrich, Evans, Toland, Fest, Childers, Shirer), plenty of archival and my own photos, as well as the map, will help us to mind in this topic.

    I have also reconsidered my approach to the photos and this article is made in a new format with big pictures rather than a bulk of ones. I would greatly appreciate your feedback here in FB or within a new comment block in the article. Feel free to ask questions, tell your stories about Munich, offer improvements to the content.

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    Thanks Masym for a step back in history.

    I have access to Kershaw,Evans,Toland,Fest and Shirer in studying the background to the Third Reich....remember taking Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich on holiday with me in 1968 and not being able to put the book down.
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    I am not sure, but at least some of these places are still there.
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    Thank you for reading and commenting. I was once fascinated with Shirer. Regardless of his sometimes too-emotional attitude towards the historical figures, his book is still among the most involved.
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    I have made a number of photos of each of the place, as well as the history until today. You can check inside the material.

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