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    Could a young man from Liverpool have done his National Service in the British Gurkha Regiment during the 1950's?
    Are National Service Records accessible ?
    Thank you
  2. Owen

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    A mates Dad was REME attached to Gurkhas .
    Was the chap you mention an officer ?
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    Thank you for your reply Owen.
    I doubt very much if he was an officer.
    He was a cousin who after National Service in Malaya in 1951 joined the Australian Army from which he was thrown out.
    He never returned to Liverpool he stayed in Australia where he invented a colourful life for himself
    After no news of him for 50 years our family was contacted by an Australian family to whom he had become close and as he has recently passed away they wished to contact his Liverpool family.
    It is difficult trying to separate Fiction from Fact;
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