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    Hi, at last I am delighted to have received my grandad's service records. I have attached the main pages and would greatly appreciate if anyone can help fill in the gaps where I cannot understand the abbreviations etc.

    I have been waiting since April 2020 so I have done much research already.

    So what I can decipher is as follows
    12.6.42 - enlisted
    9.9.42 - joins Royal Artillery - 227th Heavy AA Driver Training regiment - Blackpool
    11.9.42 - looks like he is now trained to give instruction ?
    22.10.42 - Appointed paid Lance Bombardier with effect 23.9.42
    11.12.42 - WTPP = War time Proficiency Pay 6p a day from this date (not sure what this means)
    24.8.43 - Stoppages of pay by CO on 27.8.43 as he damaged a winch rope on a vehicle needs to make back £2 in damage !
    2.3.44 - Transferred to Royal Engineers in rank of Sapper
    2.3.44 - Passed trade test as barge engineer i/c and steam BII not sure what else this says he was part of the transportation training centre
    1.3.44 - Not sure what this is saying about his transfer ?
    3.5.44 - At fieldworks training wing
    11.7.44 - Looks like further qualification not sure what this is ?
    12.7.44 - Posted to depot wing
    22.7.44 - Admitted to Bordon R.S. - what could this be ?
    I know Bordon Camp was in Hampshire and I read it was mainly Canadians there
    31.7.44 - Discharged Bordon R.S.
    13.9.44 - Posted to POTTW
    I believe this is Port Operating Technical Training Wing
    It's unclear where this is but I believe either Military Port No 1 in Scotland or based alternatively in Marchwood
    16.11.44 - Posted to depot wing and attached to No 1 Port Construction Depot
    23.10.44 - A note that name changed from No 1 Port Construction Depot (Home) RE to No 1 Port IWT Repair Depot
    (I have on the back of one of his photos the words written No 1 Port Construction Deport (Home) RE, Marchwood) I believe this group was responsible for operating the Mulberry B obv the home unit was not working on it but I mean the No 1 PCR Group as a whole.
    9.3.45 - Some abbreviation I cannot work out what letters but here he is attached to the 980 Heavy Workshop Company RE Could it be CTBA - Ceased to be attached as he then moves attachment to the 980 from No 1 PCR
    3.4.45 - Deplaned India
    5.3.46 - To (XVIII(a)) not sure what that means ?
    Embarked Bombay for release in UK.
    I know he was released 26.3.46 in UK - would the boat take 20 days ? as another paper says disembarked 25.3.46

    What the records do not show I have researched at National Archives in the 980 War Diaries. He was one of 13 barge engineers attached to 980 Company. When in India they went via Calcutta to Kalewa, Burma. They worked on the Chindwin river and helped operate that line of communication in the race to Rangoon. The company moved South to Prome and then onto Rangoon. After ceasefire my grandad worked in Kirkee, at the IEME - Indian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers they had an armoured vehicle depot there and I believe he was likely working there specifically.
    From speaking to veterans and research it looks like barge engineers were active looking after the engines, oil. water, hydraulics etc onboard many of the tugs/barges on the Chindwin. So I still wonder what he was excatlly doing in Marchwood from Nov '44 to Feb '45 and the few months before.

    Thanks for any help.
    As a family we received his Burma Star, Defence and War Medals last year.

    All the best, Rob

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    I got some help so thanks it is thought that Bordon R.S. is reception station a sort of lower grade on site military centre. Also the timings regarding the timing of the trip from Bombay to UK make sense for the ship back home
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    Given that my copy of the X-List only goes up to X(V) or X(5), I suspect this is shorthand for:

    Discharged under King's Regulations 390 (xviii) (a) "Services no longer required"
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    Thank you

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