My dads service record RA LAA

Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by paul parkinson, Apr 5, 2018.

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    What specifically do you want to know?

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    Decipher bty and divisions, seems to be transferring alot
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    He was in 158 Battery 53rd (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) LAA Regt. until posted to 23rd Field Regiment. Most of the transfers on this sheet are in and out of hospital. To help you decipher this record (unless some kind member does it for you) the following will help:
    X2 list - sick/wounded etc
    X4 list - reinforcement. Placed on this list on discharge from hospital prior to posting.
    SOS - Struck off Strength.
    NBC - Non Battlefield Casualty - ie. sick or accident rather than wounded.
    6 GH - 6th General Hospital
    14 FA - 14th Field Ambulance RAMC.
    54 Gen Hosp - 54th General Hospital.
    30 Ind Gen Hosp - 30th Indian General Hospital.
    103 Gen Hosp - 103rd General Hospital.
    14 CCS - 14th Casualty Clearing Station.
    1 Can GH - 1st Canadian General Hospital.
    2 SA (??) - can't read this but probably 2nd South African (??).

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    Thank you for the help, seems to be in hospital a lot, I know he had malaria, and crashed in Land Rover, other than that don't know, but many thanks
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    without sounding pedantic - Land Rovers didnt appear until 1948

    Land Rover - Wikipedia

    launched in 1948


    X List explanations

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    Do apologies for that error, we had Jeeps like the yanks, right hand and left hand, because the yanks were so generous, there lease us some for the African campaign

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