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    Buried Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery. Plot 4 Row A Grave 12. MOORE, Cabin Boy, GEORGE THOMPSON, S.S. Laurent Meeus (Belgium) Merchant Navy. 21st June 1944. Age 16, of Belfast.

    Page ten of the Deaths at Sea Register for July 1944 states young George T. Moore was murdered at Algiers while serving on the Belgian tanker Laurent Meeus. The circumstances surrounding his death at the time of writing for my book was unknown to me, and looked like remaining a mystery….until now!!

    After posting the details above and photograph of George and his grave on a relevant irish Facebook forum, I was contacted by a detective in Ireland, who found a newspaper article regarding to a crewmember who admitted killing George and who was eventually charged with his manslaughter in December 1944. He has emailed the Greater Manchester police museum to see if they still hold any of the prosecution files or anything related to the investigation.

    I also went on to trace other newspaper archives and have just found two files at the National Archives at Kew. File ASSI 52/557 Murder: Cole, Gerard Anthony. File WO 32/22085. Special Investigation Branch investigation: death of a British seaman; suspected murder of George Thompson Moore by Gerard Anthony Cole, both of Merchant Ship Laurent Meeus, at Algiers; 21 June 1944.

    Is there anyone on site who still visits Kew who could possibly get hold of copies of these two files. Obviously will pay.

    G.T.-Moore.jpg Moore-Murder.jpg Moore-Murder6.jpg
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    Hi Billy.

    Get in touch with Gary Tankard, a member on here. He visits Kew quite often.

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