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  1. Lucky Gunner

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    Hello all,

    This monument image was amongst those of my father, but not labelled. I think it is from the Middle East but may have been elsewhere. It may also have since gone to ruin....
    Any ideas as to its location, and its remembrance aim?


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  2. Buteman

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    Hi Katrina,

    On the photo you have, can you use a magnifying glass to see the words on the base of the monument. That might give a clue.
  3. Vitesse

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  4. Owen

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    Nice one Vitesse, rep points awarded .
  5. Lucky Gunner

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    Thank you Vitesse!
    I had read somewhere about a memorial that was ruined by storms, I think, I have read so much of late it is all blurring!...
    would that have been the same one?

    On the theme of memorials, I sought advice from Adelboden Switzerland tourism re the churchyard monument apparently built by Allied ex-POWs in 1943-44, and they kindly sent me an image of the archway monument, which I was very pleased to see!

    best wishes all,
  6. Vitesse

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    The picture was familiar, because I spent a lot of time trying to track down references to exactly when the Via Balbia was so named - Time has many N Africa pictures. Contrary to what you may read elsewhere, the road was not dedicated to Italo Balbo until after his death: it was Graziani's suggestion and confirmed by Il Duce himself on July 10th 1940. There are suggestions that Balbo named it after himself: untrue and (I'm guessing here) possibly spread by anti-Mussolini propagandists as part of the campaign to blame hime for Balbo's death. There are still people who believe Mussolini had him assassinated.
  7. Smudger Jnr

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    Great result.

    Is the modern monument built in exactly the same place as the original?

  8. Owen

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    Great result.

    Is the modern monument built in exactly the same place as the original?

    Don't think so Tom.
    From the first line of that wiki page.. ;)

    The Rats of Tobruk Memorial is on ANZAC Parade, the principal ceremonial and memorial avenue of Canberra, Australia.

    see also..

    Tobruk memorial in Canberra

    another one here.
    Queensland War Memorial Register

    Rats of Tobruk Memorial Park, cnr Takalvan Street (Isis Highway) and Steffensen Street,
    Bundaberg 4670

    Almost identical memorials exists in Rockhampton and Mackay. The Rats of Tobruk Memorial in Canberra is based on the same design.
  9. spidge


    I have never seen the original - Thanks for posting.

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