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    2NF went to Greece in December along with 4th Infantry Division, leaving Taranto in Italy on 14th December on board the HMT Cameronia.

    She arrived at Piraeus on 16th December and they were despatched RAF Kalamaki, south of Athens (old Athens Airport) to help defend the area against ELAS attacks or insurgency. The composite (Army & RAF) formation was named BUTTERFORCE and placed under the command of 2NF's CO Lt Colonel F H Butterworth.

    2NF stayed at Kalamaki throughout December and January.

    His service record states he went to 30 Reception Camp on 26/09/45 bound for UK. 30 Reception Camp handled all Army personnel movements into and out of Greece.

    I have 2NFs war diaries for December 1944 and January 1945. If you wish a copy PM me your email address using the 'inbox' tool at he top.

    Hope this helps

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    In my opinion the above outlined in red means; Granted overseas? Long Service & Good Conduct pay ( Sorry no source at the moment!).. (1st Awarded ?) from. 15. Jul:42 to 14 Feb:43 The Numbers below are of no concern. Steve, or TD should be able to give the different rate of pay from being granted this has to what he was paid before.

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