missing graves ww2 in Haifa, Israel

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    on the 10th AUG 1942 an Italian sub, called SCIRE was sunk by the Royal Navy in Haifa Bay. I have dived down to the submarine , resting on the seabed in 38 M deep near Haifa, Israel. a year ago the Italian Families approached us to find 2 Graves of sailors from the Sub SCIRE that were washed ashore, and buried in or near Haifa on the 18 AUG 1942.so far we have not succeeded. if anyone has information about the location of these long forgotten graves , please reply to me

    Michael Gottschalk
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    Following great Detective work by Michael Gottschalk and others, Michael has contacted me and asked if I could post the attached photograph on his behalf.

    It is a photograph from the British cemetery at Haifa and it is believed that the two unmarked graves are those of the two Italian Divers that were washed ashore after the submarine was sunk.

    Michael states that only DNA testing will prove conclusively the identities of the two, but given all the investigation, is 99% certain that the graves are those of the two Italian Sailors.

    A wonderful end to the search.


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    Thanks for bringing this up-to-date. Had been wondering off and on, if this was ever to have a decent ending.

    Well done Michael and eveyone else who helped.
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    Thanks, I am still waiting to hear from Michael and I just hope that a email link on an Italian Web site that I found was the helpful hand.
    Just good to see a brilliant end to the search as it does sound pretty conclusive.


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