Mapping of 1 South Lancashire Regiment in Normandy

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    Some may have already seen that I have previously arranged the mapping of the 9th British Infantry Brigade battalions' movements through Normandy on Project '44 and the project has now moved on to 8th British Infantry Brigade.

    Where available, War Diaries have already been sourced for the period and the Project44 Team are now looking for assistance in transcribing and proofing the daily War Diary entries so that they can be added to Project44 mapping.

    The general approach and assistance required is follows:
    • where possible, (typed) pages will be scanned for the period June-August 1944 by Project44 and auto transcribed in to a text document
    • the transcription then needs to be reviewed against the original scanned version and corrected as necessary
    • once the War Diaries have been fully transcribed, proof read and updated they will then be used to geo-locate the unit's position each day and plot on the Project44 mapping pages
    • a final review of the daily entries (text & location) will then need to be undertaken via the Project44 test server to ensaure all in order
    • once signed off, the unit will be mapped for the period June-August 1944 alongside other Canadian and British units already mapped to date

    There is no cost involved, all that is required is an enthusiast and/or somebody with a vested interest in the unit to volunteer their time to proof read the War Diary transcription against the scanned copy so that the unit can be mapped and War Diary trasncribed accurately for posterity.

    If this is of interest then please let me know so that you can be put in touch with the Project44 Team and a plan put together....

    Quis Separabit

    P.S. the ultimate plan is for ALL British units to be mapped during this period (starting with 3rd Division) so if anyone already has War Diaries and/or transcriptions and would like to become involved then please PM me with details

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