Major George Edgar Edouard Ross, 2nd Bn Warwickshire Regiment

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    Hello everyone,

    First of all, I'm french, so please excuse my english mistakes ! ;)

    My name is Clément and I am working on a book about WWII frontlines letters, honoring the men who fought for our freedom. One of them was written by Major George Edouard Edgar ROSS (1910-1971), who commanded B company of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, from Sword Beach until he was hit by a mortar shell in Emieville, near Caen, on July 20th 1944.

    For some reason, even though he was a Major, I cannot find a single picture of him anywhere. I have contacted the Regimental Museum at St Johns House already, but haven't got an answer. Also, I am desperately looking for his relatives... I know he was expecting a child during the war... But my expensive account on Ancestry did not help much.

    Does anyone has anything about Major Ross ?

    I'm just back from a Normandy trip following the footsteps of Major G.E.E Ross. I went from Sword Beach, Queen white sector to Lebisey woods. Here are a few pictures, hope you'll enjoy them :


    Queen White sector, Sword Beach.


    Assembly point in Hermanville. On the left of this monument is a house where many photos of the landing troops taking the road inland were taken.


    Pegasus Bridge, and Café Gondrée on the other side of the Orne river.


    Two Royal Navy veteran I had the pleasure of talking to at Café Gondrée last sunday. On the left, Frank Baugh who drove LCI(L)-380 to Sword Beach, Queen Red sector. It was the first landing craft to reach the beach, and it suffered a direct hit. On the right, Victor Urch was a machine gunner on a Landing Craft that brought canadians to Juno Beach. They are really nice and seemed happy to be here. I was a bit impressed so I didn't talk much (also, my understanding of the british accent is a bit of a problem), but I hope I'll see them again next year !


    Lebisey woods at nightfall, from the field the 2nd Bn attacked from on June 7th.

    Thank you for your help !

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    Bonsoir Clement

    Bienvenue and do not worry your English is better than my French

    George Edouard E Ross in the England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915

    Name: George Edouard E Ross
    Registration Year: 1910
    Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
    Registration district: Aston
    Parishes for this Registration District: View Ecclesiastical Parishes associated with this Registration District
    Inferred County: Warwickshire
    Volume: 6d
    Page: 262

    George Edouard E Ross in the England & Wales, Death Index, 1916-2007

    Name: George Edouard E Ross
    Birth Date: 25 Apr 1910
    Date of Registration: Jun 1971
    Age at Death: 61
    Registration district: Birmingham
    Inferred County: Warwickshire
    Volume: 9c
    Page: 1457

    I am also wondering if this is his marriage details

    Name: George E E Ross
    Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1940
    Registration district: Bodmin
    Inferred County: Cornwall
    Spouse: Renee Lawrence
    Volume Number: 5c
    Page Number: 229

    I will see if they had any children

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    Hello Clement
    Thank you for posting the photographs

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    He contributed to the regimental history by Cuncliffe. He witnessed the action at Cuillerville Wood that won Major Bunduck, MC a DSO.
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    Drew, a couple of typos there: Cunliffe (Marcus, also wrote a pocket history of 21st Army Group) and it was Tom Bundock - who had an MC as well. My father knew him. A very brave and capable officer. I will ask if they have a picture of George Ross at Warwick.
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    WOW you were so quick ! Thank you so much for everything !

    Thank you TD for the details, however I had a bit more information I should have shared earlier, sorry about that. He married a french woman from Boulogne-sur-Mer, Gabrielle Léonie HUCHIN, on september 4th 1909. She was pregnant in 1944, and when he landed in Normandy, he did not know if it was going to be a boy or a girl.

    Major Ross was born on april 25th 1910 in Arton, Warwickshire, and he had a brother, Reginald, who also was a Major ! Reginald served in the BEF with the 2nd battailon, Lincolnshire Regiment. George was attached to a Corps HQ at that time, and was promoted 2nd Lieutenant on may 18th 1940, while he served with the serial number 130089.

    He commanded B Coy on D-Day, until he was wounded in the arm on July 18th, when his unit was ordered to take Cuillerville and Emieville. He put a bandage on and kept on fighting for 48 hours, until he was taken off the line. At that time, he was very tired because of his wounds and shell-shocked. He wouldn't fight again and his favorite officer, Lieutenant Dennis Field, took command of the company.

    Thank you for the links !
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    Also, I have just found a copy of Cunliffe book on amazon, just bought it, maybe I'll be lucky ! :) Thank you
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    Hmmmm - didn't think he was born until 1910 :eek: :lol:

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    :D Oh my god I feel so stupid... I should have waited until I got my first coffee this morning ! Of course, his FATHER William married Gabrielle Leonie Huchin, who was Major Ross's mother. Sorry for the mix-up, I didn't know the name of his wife, so your information is extremely valuable !

    Thank you so much !

    Now, let's make some coffee...
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    Hope the coffee was OK. To add to TD’s information, perhaps some of this may be relevant:

    1911 Census for 104 Kenelm Road, Small Heath, Birmingham
    George William Ross, Head, age 34, Land Surveyor, born Birmingham
    Gabrielle Leonie Ross, Wife, age 24, married 2 yrs, 1 child, still living, born France
    George Edouard Edgar Ross, Son, age 11mths, born Birmingham

    1939 Register (for more information see
    1272 Stratford Road, Birmingham
    Ross, George W, dob 14 Jan 1877, married, Land & building surveyor
    Ross, Gabrielle L, dob 31 Mar 1887, married
    + one closed record (individuals who could still be alive are not shown)

    Probate records
    Ross, Gabrielle Leonie of 10 Springfield Court, Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham died 1 March 1981. Probate Birmingham 11 June 1981. £4,150 810307546R

    Ross, George William of 10 Springfield Court, Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham died 28 Apr 1957. Probate Birmingham 23 August 1957 to Gabrielle Leonie Ross widow. Effects £3,690 2s 7d.

    An alternative marriage for George, I wonder if this is more likely as the location is Birmingham, although perhaps the date does not support a baby during the war.
    Ross, George E E, Q3 1949, spouse name Williams, Birmingham, 9c 689
    Spouse Hazel M R Williams

    Ross, George Edouard E died Q2 1971, Birmingham, dob 25 Apr 1910. I can’t find a probate record for him.


    Ross, Reginald F H born Q3 1916, Aston Birmingham, mother Huchin
    Ross, Fernand H died Q4 1997 Birmingham dob 15 Aug 1916

    Probate record
    Ross, Reginal Fernand Harry, probate 2 Mar 1998, Birmingham, died 12 Dec 1997, probate No. 9851207891

    I can’t locate George EE in the 1939 Register but have found the following in the 1939 Electoral register:
    1272 Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham
    Ross, George William
    Ross, Gabrielle Leonie
    Ross, George Edward Edgar
    Ross, Reginal Fernand Harry

    Not sure if it helps and sorry – still no picture !!
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    Thank you Tony, a lot of information I did not have in there ! Great work !

    Edouard is often seen written "Edward", but it seems to be originally in its french version. Just like Reginald second name Fernand, which is french too.

    As far as the baby is concerned, here is an part of a letter I have that was written by some french family in Boulogne s/mer to their relative Gabrielle and husband George (George William). George the son and Major is always referred to as "Georgie". Here is the letter dated february 7th, 1945, translated in english for you :

    "Let me answer Georgie's letter first. He told us he landed in Normandy "on D-Day" and that he was slightly wounded during the fighting the heroic british and canadians had to do to destroy the Boche résistance. He added that he had now recovered and that he will be a dad soon. (...) Right now he must be with you as you were expecting his return by the end of january. Has the baby arrived yet ? We really hope so. We guess your next letter will confirm this, and give us good news about the young mom."

    As George was in France in June 1944, the baby must have been born in february at the latest. There's of course the possibility that he was unfortunately not born at all, but I don't have the reply the french family got...
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    Hi Clement

    From your last post :

    I read that the letter was received in Boulogne s/Mer sometime after 7th Feb 1945, probably into March 1945. So when it says:

    "Right now he must be with you as you were expecting his return by the end of january. Has the baby arrived yet "

    It means the end of January 1945.

    Using the mothers maiden name of Lawrence and the fact that the baby was born in the first quarter (Jan/Feb/Mar) of 1945 then it is possible the child they are referring to is:

    Peter G Ross in the England & Wales, Birth Index, 1916-2005

    Name: Peter G Ross (Possibly G for George??)
    Mother's Maiden Surname: Lawrence
    Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1945
    Registration district: Birmingham
    Inferred County: Warwickshire
    Volume Number: 6d
    Page Number: 617

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    Major Ross is mentioned in a couple of artilces in 1943

    Attached Files:

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    Fantastic ! Thank you for your research ! TD, I think the family talked about Georgie when they said "his return". The Major was at the hospital for his wounds and for "exhaustion", so they might refer to his return to his family. However yes, the baby must have been born in late january or early february. So you must have been right with Renee Lawrence, it makes sense ! They could have divorced and George could have re-married afterwards too. But Peter seems to be a good bet... I wonder if he is still alive !

    Thank you all for your time, I'm amazed by the results ! I have been following this forum for a very long time before I decided to join in, and I regret I had not done it earlier ! Great job
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    You could well be right about his second marriage

    George E E Ross in the England & Wales, Marriage Index, 1916-2005

    Name: George E E Ross
    Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1949
    Registration district: Birmingham
    Inferred County: Warwickshire
    Spouse: Hazel M R Williams
    Volume Number: 9c
    Page Number: 689

    I have looked but cannot find as yet a death for Renee Ross, so divorce is possible before his re marriage in 1949. Just out of interest have you traced any of the family around the Boulogne s/Mer area???


    edited to add:
    Checking further for children of the second marriage, there are several Ross's born between 1950 and 1960 with a mothers maiden name of Williams (20 in all) it is difficult to verify if any of them are relevant to this thread.
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    No I haven't, I know their last name was Murat (Jules and Mary, probably a british cousin of George who married a frenchman ?), but their descendants might not remember anything from the Ross family. Also, I need to find the Major's closest living relative to ask him the permission to publish the contents of the letters (which are quite interesting pieces of history, as he detailed everything from the D-Day landings to the Lebisey wood attack).

    I will look for a Peter G Ross then ! Thank you !
  19. Tricky Dicky

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    I have created a family tree on Ancestry in the hope that if someone is searching for information on them then they may end up contacting me/us via Ancestry

    J'ai croisé mes doigts

  20. ClémentH

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    Good idea, thank you TD !

    Fingers crossed yeah ;)

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