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    I've mentioned this in another thread, so apologies if it's annoying. I'm told that the numbers I have for an m3 lee t25928 chassis number 4501 us number w 03.058092 I have been assured by another source that these numbers match to the chassis (yet to be verified by source) we're struggling to find anything out about its past and crew.

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    John Martin made a couple of references (#14 & #17) to the Army Vehicle Registration books held in AWM126 which are now available online - most appear to deal with ‘B’ vehicles. Strictly speaking, AWM126 27 that John identified is something of a hybrid, apparently commenced in 1954, recording only surviving AFVs, etc. still on strength and subsequent acquisitions made until the mid-1960s, and as such it has its limitations.

    With respect to the Grant it accounts for 146 census numbers (including the 14 converted to Yeramba), mostly declared for disposal in 1955/6. These 146 include John’s 24186 but not David’s 25928 which presumably was disposed of earlier. It also includes pairs of engine numbers for each vehicle recorded which may help with identification in some cases.
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    Hi there, I did notice their records and spent a good couple of hours trawling through. I found a 'b' number 25989 but it doesn't match the chassis or engine number. Sadly neither do the grant/yerambras. I'm yet to find the source that told us the chassis number, USA number and the British number T25989. A researcher told us that he was glad his records were correct and had all three that matched. But I have no idea where he got the information to confirm it.
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    Having spoken to the researcher, there was no primary evidence that the number were what was said. So whilst it's back to the drawing board, I have rebooked at the number (in relation to other stencils) and will be trying to restore the original paint work too. But it now looks like it T25929 I will keep you updated
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    Hello Everyone!

    I try to determine British WD number or any other information about 3 M3A3 Diesel Grants but Welded hull, a pretty rare Grant variant (83 built by Baldwin only) which served under 2nd Polish Armoured Brigade (HQ Squadron) in the Middle East and Italy 1943-1944. This Brigade was equipped with Sherman III (since OCT 1943) and composed as a typical British Brigade. I have pictures of these three tanks from ca January 1944, Quassasin Camp in Egypt. Unfortunately only visible front views and partly top of their turrets. All three had a main gun counterweight and were upgraded as Command Tank (with third radio).

    Looking Forward to any information or a hint where to search...
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    Almost had it. I have T25928 which is BRISTOL B Sqn 4 tTrp from 3rd Carabiniers ( Prince of Wales's Dragoon Guards ).
    Very Close - but no cigar.



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