Lt-Col Harold Albert William Backhoff 75888 RA

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    Trying to find any info on the postings of this officer, after service in The Rangers (KRRC) he seems to have been with 72nd Searchlight Regiment in 1938 but did he stick with them or move on? From googling the only hits I seem to find relate to an auction selling off a collection of Japanese swords and armour
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    From I located him on the Army lists from 1939-1945 as part of the Royal Artillery T.A.,but no specific appointment mentioned.

    Made a temp. Lt-Col 22.8.41

    Army List 1945
    Royal Artillery T.A.
    Screenshot 2021-08-03 at 15.22.25.png Screenshot 2021-08-03 at 15.22.44.png

    And in the London Gazette
    .Maj. (Hon. Lt.-Cpl.) H. A. W. BACKHOFF, M.M.(75888), having attained the age limit of liability to recall, ceases to belong to the T.A. Res. of Offrs., 22nd Nov. 1951, retaining the hon. rank of Lt.-Col.
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    Not sure if this is the same man; M.M. 1st WW. Backhoff002.jpg
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    With a Military Medal, which would have been awarded whilst he was an Other Rank, he would have been commissioned from the Ranks at some point in his career.
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    That is him.

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    Cheers for those, as Frank says that is him, he went to France with the Rangers 24/12/14 and was one of the few to come out of the fighting at Frezenberg in 1915 when the Battalion was reduced to 53 men, he was awarded an MM and commissioned and continued to serve with the Battalion til 1917 when he went with the British mission to the US where he served as Scout and Sniper training officer for the US 29th Division - but I'm stumped on his WW2 service.
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    He received the Territorial Efficiency Decoration posthumously in 1984:

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