Liverpool C.S.D.

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    During 1946 / 47 there was a small pow hostel called 'Liverpool C.S.D.'

    It was linked to Tarporley Camp. C.S.D. may mean Command Supply Depot.

    It was listed as a house. In July 1946 there was a comment in a report “conditions are unfavourable [for lessons] owing to the fact that the Ps/W are merely attached for a specific task”.

    Does anyone know where Liverpool CSD was - and what it was?

    Thank you.
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    Could this be it??

    8th Air Force Intransit Depot Group | American Air Museum in Britain
    Established in Liverpool in late 1942 to distribute supplies arriving by ship from the US to the UK. Previously distribution of incoming supplies was handled by the US Army's service of supply, until VIII Air Force service command pressed for the need to manage it own supplies due to the unsuitability of unskilled ground handlers.


    BBC - Liverpool Local History - The American Connection - Introduction to Burtonwood
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    Its a very likely candidate.

    Thank you.

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