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    My name is Laurie, and I work for the Carnavalet Museum, in Paris, France. We are currently preparing an exhibition for the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Paris; you can find more information about it here: .

    As part of our exhibition, we try to work with people who took part in the events at that time. We have been collecting accounts of former members of the resistance, American veterans... We are now trying to find WWII British veterans who were in Paris during the Liberation. We would really like to get in touch with those people, and be able to film their stories.

    Do any of you know people who might be able to help us, and who might be interested in being a part of this project? Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    You will not find many British men in Paris at the liberation. Paris was off limits to British Troops, it was to be the preserve of the Americans. So that they and they alone could share the Glory of entering Paris. If you do find some..... they should not have been there. This is always the cause of discontent amongst the British.... For what ever is said, The fighting qualities of the British were ignored....I never forgot the snub.
    Let me say again. All British forces were forbidden to enter Paris on the liberation... Americans only.....
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    Not a great deal said, but this from one of the few Brits who were there...
    from IWM interview, details via link:

    Interview transcribed here
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    Good one JB, saved me the trouble of getting out his book.
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    Please contact me via private message. I have a friend who has come into possession of some home video that appears to have been shot by a tanker with the French 2nd DB. I've not seen the video, but he says it is about 12 or so minutes long.
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    There is some footage

    There is a fair amount of film footage of Paris at the time of her Deliverance. Would this be from that archive?
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    BBC audio in the "Witness" series (11 mins) on: The Liberation of Paris

    BBC World Service - Witness, The Liberation of Paris

    In August 1944, French and US forces freed Paris from German occupation. The liberators were met by crowds of celebrating Parisians. Listen to reports of some of the war correspondents who arrived first in the liberated city.

    First broadcast 19th August 2014.
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    From Through Adversity: The History of the RAF Regiment, KM Oliver:
    Screenshot 2018-10-23 at 09.48.35.png
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    75th Anniversary


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