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    Still from "Victory at sea" D Day
    John Monaghan served on lcT 902 on D Day, transporting 8th Armoured Brigade.
    His story is here:-
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  2. Hi Scutter,

    Thank you for the link to John Monaghan's story. On D Day LCT 902 was one of the ten craft out of twelve in 53 LCT Flotilla, "D" LCT Squadron that were part of Group 11 and carried Serials 2160 to 2169. From his account ("We loaded six Sherman Mk 4ā€™s and their crews of the 8th Armoured Brigade"), LCT 902 must have been Serial 2161 whose load is detailed in Trux's must-read thread on GOLD Area:

    2161 is an LCT IV carrying
    3 Carrier Universal with 18 crew from ā€˜Cā€™ (MG) Company 2 Cheshire Regiment
    1 M14 Halftrack with 2 crew from 295 Field Company RE
    1 M14 Halftrack with 3 crew from Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
    6 Sherman tanks with 30 crew from Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
    3 men from Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry Signal Section RS. Carried in above vehicles.
    6 men and an airborne trailer from 6 Border Regiment
    1 man from 623 Field Park Company RE
    2 men with a balloon and handwinch from 55 Beach Balloon Unit RAF.

    Another photo of LCT 902 around D Day:
    902 LCT(4) - DB Cox 'Bunts' LCT 7092 - 1987_472_2_6.jpg
    Source: The D-Day Story Collection

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    Hi Michel,

    Many thanks for the link & the information.

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    A slightly better quality version of the movie footage found on YouTube:

    US tank crewman reclining on main gun of Sherman tank LCT 902 in background.png

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