Kings Regulation (Army) Lookups 1912/1935/1940

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    are you still willing to do look-ups for people? Hope so, I've been banging my head against a brick wall on this one!

    Hubby's Grandad enlisted in the Tank Regt on 19 Nov 1926, it looks like he extended his service in 1932 and was discharged in 1938 aged 30. I don't recognise the discharge para given, (I have loads of experience researching WW1 and earlier service but this is my first stab at post 1920), he was discharged under para 510 (vii) with no mention of liability for reserve service and I don't believe he was recalled at the outbreak of WW2.

    I know the regs in 1938 may differ slightly to those in 1935 & 1940, but it should give me a heads up.

    Any help you can offer would be great.
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    This is from the 1935 edition, I hope it helps
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    Ta very much :)
    Think I'll send off for his service record - seems so strange that he was young, medically fit but didn't appear to serve in the war, not a reserved occupation either. Hopefully Kentigern House holds the answers.
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    Would it be possible to have a look at these. I am trying to find out what para 390 (xviii) (a) KR means.

    Thank you .

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    Forum member timuk has suggested that I contact you regarding "Discharge Para 204(ii) 22.09.1951". Please can you help me understand what this means?

    Kind regards
    B Richards
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    I've had a look at the 1940's regs but 204 relates to Chaplains rank, I'm not sure if there was a late 1940's set of regulations that the entry may relate too.

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    Thank you for looking Alistair, appreciated. Regards B Richards
  8. Hi Alistair, I’m doing some research into my grandad who left the Royal Artillery on 08 March 1939. The reason for his discharge is listed as Para 383 (ix) (a) KR. I wonder if you’d mind posting that section here?
    With thanks,
  9. AB64

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    Hopefully this is of some use


    P1100778.JPG P1100779.JPG P1100780.JPG P1100781.JPG
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    Do the Kings Regulations for 1935 or 1940 make any reference to officers having to supply their own pistol or revolver and if so any mention of caliber, please? Many thanks.


  11. AB64

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    I cant see any mention, I'm not sure if it would be in dress regulations.

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    What is Paragraph 696(a) of the Kings Regulations 1940?

    James Carver
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    Hi, see below, hopefully it helps

  14. James Carver

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    Hi Alistair

    I am chasing Kings Regulations 1940 para 390(xvii). Any chance you still have these and could send me a copy.

    That would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
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    Kings Regulation 383 xvi b 1940 R.A 21 2 1940 Can any body help with this one.
    Many thanks
  18. AB64

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    Can you double check the 383? I've had a look but it doesn't have any sub sections. Cheers
  19. Jampas

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    Thanks for looking I have checked it again, and it states 383 xvi b 1940 R.A. 21/2/40 I think the 21st February 1940 is the day he was called up. Could it be a 385 if so its a bad 3. Looks more like a three than a 5.
    Any way thanks for looking. I will try and get an image and post it to this thread when i find the original again. Once again thanks brilliant as usual.

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