Juno Beach, great photos.

Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by IanPom, Jul 10, 2009.

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    Many thanks for the links

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    Good links, thanks.

    And welcome to the forum. Any particular interest in Juno?
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    cracking picture

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    I reckon the Schiemser ws prob the most common and prized captured enemy materiel???? great action shot, looks nice and steady shooting

    Why is the dispatch rider so interested. (is he foling a 303 with baynot) Funny flash on his lid.

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    Very nice pics! They are very inspiring from the point of view of a modeller :D
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    Some nice pictures illustrating the article.
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    Its certainly an interesting photo, was it usual for allied troops to use German Weapons. I suppose in a situation like that, any weapon is a weapon, doesnt matter where it came from.
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    Infantrymen of The Regina Rifle Regiment and a despatch rider firing into a damaged building, Caen, France, 10 July 1944. Bell, Ken., Photographer

    From Library and Archives Canada

    the attached photograph has a wider view and you can see a motorcycle to the right, Despatch riders? Great picture.

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  11. Gerard

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    Andy I see what you mean!! :) Nice pics by the way!
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    Originally Posted by Drew5233 [​IMG]

    I almost commented on this the first time it was posted, but doesn't the American look more like a pilot than a dispatch rider.:)

    Perhaps it is his GO FASTER riding helmet.:D

    A super photograph.


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