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    He's mentioned on a family headstone, in All Saints' churchyard, Higher Walton, Lancashire, as having been interred in Bermuda in 1942 and is also named on the village war memorial but doesn't seem to be listed on the CWGC database. Any thoughts or suggestions? Am I missing something obvious?


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    He was a crewman on the SS British Tenacity it appears?

    Find a Grave?

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    I know merchantmen who died in the Great War are on CWGC; is that normally the case with WW2 merchantmen also?
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    Generally yes they were. There`s MN experts on here hopefully they will be along to help soon.

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    and that tanker appears to have survived the war. Not to say it wasn't ever attacked.

    However, Joshua Brewer's death may have been due to illness or accident.

    [member='Billy McGee'] explained briefly in this link about the non-commemoration of some MN dead

    Might be worth contacting him via PM or editing the title to highlight that is a possible MN query.

    I picked up a little from reading Hugh MacLean's posts, but not enough to be certain. I hope this is the correct ship's movement card.

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    I only came across the gravestone yesterday while in that churchyard and then, while checking CWGC later, noticed he was on the village war memorial. Obviously the committee that was responsible for compiling the names had more leeway than the CWGC and chose to include him. If I'm ever in Bermuda I'll have a look at the local newspaper files for early 1942. Oddly, I was only thinking about the possibility of visiting there en-route to the US a few days ago.
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    Probate info for Joshua Brewer:
    England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966 about Joshua Brewer
    Name: Joshua Brewer
    Probate Date: 14 Apr 1942
    Death Date: 30 Jan 1942
    Death Place: Lancashire, England
    Registry: Llandudno

    Joshua Brewer 37 Cann Bridge-street, Higher Walton, near Preston Lancs, died 30 Jan 1942 at Bermuda, Probate Llandudno 14 April 1942 to wife Ann Brewer ...............

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    He was one of four men killed on the British Tenacity in January 1942 in what appears to have been an explosion or fire, which was non war related and is why he is not commemorated by the CWGC.


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    British Tenacity 1942 Log Book & Crew Agreement are held at Kew under the ships Official No. 167170 in file BT381/2140. If you request a copy of the narrative section of the Log Book,it should detail what actually happened on the date in question. If requesting using the service link below, make sure you only ask for the narrative of the Log Book for the date in question as the information is held from January to December of any given year.
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    Hello all, I noticed the memorial and found your discussion this might be interesting to you.

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    It appears that he was one of four men from that ship who died at sea due to "inuries from burns". None of the men seem to be commemorated by CWGC, which probably means the deaths were not related to enemy action.

    The above ledger entries are from FMP. Some links for those with subscriptions:

    And the death card on Ancestry:
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