Jersey Achives wartime Feldpost relevations

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  1. Harry Ree

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    Just seen a news item on BBC News that during the war,Jersey civilians involved in the German Feldpost organisation intercepted and sabotaged the post for Germany,sent by the occupying Wehrmacht soldiers.

    Apparently,the post items have been on display for some time but it has been decided to repost the items to their German addresses.A few frames were shown of a mail item being delivered to a farm outside of Frankfurt and being received by the grandson of the information on the fate of his Grandfather.
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    BBC News - Stolen WWII Nazi letters delivered at last

    Letters written by Nazi soldiers during the occupation of Jersey during World War II are finally being delivered - 70 years later.
    They were stolen by a group of local teenagers, who broke into a German army post office as part of their resistance against the occupation.
    The letters - many of which were Christmas cards - were handed into the local archive, which began the process of tracing the families in Germany they were intended for.
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    The thing that struck me was the fact that the letters had survived at all. If the theft had been detected, possession of the evidence would have been absolutely damning.

    There's got to be a good back story there too: why were they kept? Where? Given the shortage of fuel over the winter of 1944/45, surely they'd have been handy for burning?

    We only seem to have half the story there.
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    Have to subscribe to read more . :(

    71 years on…wartime letters reach their destination « This Is Jersey

    Engelbert Bergman receives a letter from postman Klaus Kaiser, accompanied by Michael McNally of Jersey Post
    More here too.
    BBC News - German soldiers' letters from Jersey delivered 71 years late

    Farmer Engelbert Bergmann, 55, from Frankfurt, received the letter written by soldier Emil Adam, a neighbour of his grandfather.
    Mr Bergmann said he had known Mr Adam for a long time and that he died a few years after his grandfather, in the mid 1980s.
    Mr Bergmann said: "First I thought it might be a joke, but when I heard the whole story I was enthusiastic and was very keen to see what was in the letter.
    "I feel it is very important to have the other letters delivered in these cases where family or sons and daughters are still around."

    lots more photos here.
    BBC News - Jersey Post delivers letters stolen from German soldiers
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    We only seem to have half the story there.

    Why do you think there is only half a story ?
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    Shame the BBC had to use the phrase 'Nazi Letters'.

    There is also a write-up in Der Spiegel:

    SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten


    I agree with your comment.

    I saw the report this morning on BBC World and two letters were read out.

    The authors just wishing to be home with their loved ones.

    The letters could have been written by any soldier, regardless of origin.

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  8. Harry Ree

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    Can't see why the the noun Nazis should not be used in this context.

    Not contentious in my view

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