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    Recommendation for Military Cross

    Jemadar Hardass Singh
    1st Battalion 17th Dogra Regiment


    This V.C.O. commanded a Pl. which was ordered to carry out a difficult task, involving unobserved movement forward and behind the enemy, and culminating in an attack uphill against the enemy's flank.

    Jemadar Hardass Singh carried out this task with exemplary skill and determination. He successfully worked his Pl. forward to its assaulting position, and led them in a determined charge which carried its objective in the face of heavy fire. In this assault eleven men had been killed and wounded, and with a much depleted Pl. the V.C.O. rapidly consolidated the position and beat off two counter attacks. Not content with this success Jemadar Hardass Singh attempted to exploit further, but heavily enfiladed from three sides, was forced back to his first position, where he hung on until it was taken over by another company.

    This example set by Jemadar Hardass Singh and the personal courage that he displayed at a critical period of the battle were undoubtedly largely responsible for the success of the operation and for the number of enemy that were killed and left on the battle field.
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