Jeep Remains in Calanscio Sand Sea, Libya.

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    For anybody interested I recently found the attached old negative/photo in my 'Libya Stuff' of the skeletal remains of a jeep that I photographed in the Calanscio Sand Sea, Libya in 1967/68. At the time I was involved in Seismic Exploration for a well known British Oil Company at a desert base know as Sarir North of Jalo. I believe the Jeep remains were possibly of one used by SF as the mounts for Vickers 'K', Brownings etc machine guns can be seen on the bonnet and in the back. The Jeep was probably once more complete but subsequently had been stripped by passing locals over the years since the 1940's. I remember that there were also many old rusting 'flimsy' petrol cans in the area as well. The sand sea was continually shifting with the east/west winds and a few months later we passed by at the same coordinate (no satnav those days) and the remains had vanished buried under the sand once again, maybe for ever.

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    Bit like this one, now at IWM...


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    That’s amazing Roger . Clear gun mountings visible
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