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    I'd say "Rysland" - you wouldn't put the individuals unit into their home address - like 4jonboy I just looked at street view in case it had a name on the house, but nothing, but then a house name can be a temporary thing given by those that live there at the time and ditched once they moved on
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    The house name doesn't really matter does it? We were talking about the initials on the pin badge ERCT and what that means.
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    House names change with time. However, that is definitely an address in Berwick-on-Tweed. ‘Royal air’ makes no sense in any context.
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    I have looked for the 1939 Register entries for 20 North Road, Berwick-upon-Tweed. I can find no records at this address so far, I have the found sheet with details of houses no. 6 to 16 North Road.
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    Thanks guys for getting involved and helping me with this.

    I think I will write to 20 North Road and see if I can find out anything from there.
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    Ah. Is it actually ‘North’ Road? I’ve taken a clearer picture of the address. Maybe zoom in and see what you think.

    Blimmin fancy writing…lol

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  8. Gail Everitt

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    Yep, looking to find out what that means too.
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    Agreed, but a brainteaser nonetheless.

    About 15 miles west of Berwick-upon-Tweed is a place called Ryslaw. It looks, at least to me, to be the name of the house on the address. The ‘y’ in ‘Gray’ from the line above is on the end of the house name which confuses things.


    From a 1940s map:

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    My thoughts as well (as in the ‘y’ of ‘Gray’ confusing the next line.). If anything, I’d suggest the house - 20 North Road - is named after that village, for some reason.
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    Oh wow!!!! Great work!
  12. 4jonboy

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    I concur, it's Ryslaw. Well done Richard:).
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