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    Good afternoon all,

    I recently posted the following topic about whether to request my Great Uncles service records from the RAF or RN after transferring from one service to the other. I have since been gifted 2 photos of him and his Certificate of Service for the RN.

    RAF or FAA application?

    It doesn't hold a great deal of information but does have some interesting info. It states as the pictures below show that he served with the RAF at 19 yrs old from Oct 1943 to Aug 1944 before transferring to the RN and serving with them until Feb 1946, cause of discharge - P.U.N.S. (i'm thinking Permanently Unfit for Naval Service?)

    I'm also assuming (please correct me) that he must have been some sort of mechanic which would explain a transfer between the services. His Brother, my Grandad, who was only 7 at the beginning of the War went on to be an MT Driver/mechanic for the RAF in Little Sai Wan for his National Service in the 50, possibly following somewhat in his brothers footsteps.

    If anyone would be able to glean any further information from the pictures below I would appreciate it.

    Does anyone think it would be worth applying for his service records from the MOD? Would I find out any more info than what I already have? In my linked post above I did not have an RN service number, and it was suggested I should apply for his RAF records, but knowing that he does indeed have an RN record would all his RAF info/records have been transferred the RN?

    It has also been suggested by Family that he may have not claimed his medals, would that info show on the records the MOD hold?

    Thanks for looking


    DSC_0383 (1).JPG

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    DSC_0381 (1).JPG

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  2. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    yes apply for his service records.
    Get a copy of military service records
    you just require death cert and date of birth

    Call them to clarify and they will advise 0141 248 7890

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  3. Tullybrone

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    I’d hazard an informed guess that if you apply to RN then his RAF papers will be filed with their papers.

    In the event that is not the case then a separate application to RAF would be required - albeit I don’t believe you would be required to pay a second fee if you include copies of his papers proving RAF service prior to transfer to RN.

    I presume he would be compulsorily transferred from RAF to RN (same as RAF personnel transferred to Army to replace post D Day casualties).

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  4. Chef_Hendrix

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    Thanks Clive, i'll give them a ring tomorrow.

    Hi Steve,

    I hadn't considered that as a reason for transfer, a pretty grim thought.

  5. Tullybrone

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    Just had a look at your other topic.

    I’d say your great uncle enlisted as trainee RAF aircrew (photo indicates such) and his postings to St Johns Wood (Lords Cricket Ground) and Bridlington are similar to the early RAF experiences of the chap in this link -

    BBC - WW2 People's War - Recollections of My Military Service - Part 1

    If you aren’t aware of his RAF history, including his aircrew trade, if you google the various RAF establishments noted in your other topic you may be able to more fully identify his RAF journey as some of the locations may be linked to specific RAF aircrew training purposes.

    I’d hazard a guess he “failed” his aircrew trade training at one of the many intermediate stages and was then liable to compulsory transfer.



    You might want to look at the various forum topics on RAF & RN service papers. IMHO I doubt you would glean much more about his RN service than what is in his certificate of service provided on discharge.

    Forum members have spoken of RAF service records being extensively culled post WW2 so that only brief details are now provided - unlike the more detailed information provided in Army service records.
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  6. Chef_Hendrix

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    Hi Steve,

    thanks for the advice and the link, i'll start looking at all the establishments now. I'm new to researching WW2 records, only recently finding out about my Great Uncles service and having spent most of my time focusing on relatives who were in the FWW and the 2nd Anglo Boer War. I'm looking forward to sharing whatever I find with the Forum.

    It turns out that picture with the list of establishments I was sent, was actually written on the inside of a suitcase, possibly one issued on joining up. I'm hoping to see it in person in the summer for a better look.


  7. James Harvey

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    You have his full RN record his number was c/jx 723855

    He was a seaman, home port Chatham
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  8. James Harvey

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    I can’t see anywhere in his naval record any link to FAA as they have a F prefix
  9. Chef_Hendrix

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    Hi James,

    Not knowing a great deal about these records I can't really comment, but it was a newspaper article (I know not always accurate) who stated he was FAA and his last 4 establishments were all Naval Air Stations according to his record, so perhaps a link there?

  10. Chef_Hendrix

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    My Great Uncles RN Records turned up today, still waiting to see if anything will come from the RAF, they have acknowledged receipt of them, so hopefully if there is anything it won't be too long. I sent the requests off in the middle of April so have not taken too long to come through.

    Not much more info than what I already had but it does include his Medal Entitlement Card and shows his entitlement to the War Medal which is nice to have. Not entirely sure if the reference/date at the bottom is when it was claimed. No one in the family remember seeing it.

    No reference to the FAA, other than working at Naval Air Stations, so perhaps whatever he was doing at the Naval Air Stations he considered himself as working for them.

    Is anyone able to glean any further info from the records, or his Certificate of Service ?



    IMG_20190530_0002.jpg IMG_20190530_0003.jpg IMG_20190530_0004.jpg DSC_0837.JPG
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  11. Chef_Hendrix

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    Good Afternoon,

    My Great Uncles RAF records turned up today, not much in them as expected but I have uploaded to see if anyone can see anything interesting in them.

    Thanks for the help


    IMG_20190610_0003.jpg IMG_20190610_0004.jpg
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  12. Tricky Dicky

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    7 Mar 1944 - 4 Apr 1944
    RAF Credenhill - Wikipedia
    A 112-bed hospital was established on 15 June 1940, opposite the main camp

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  13. timuk

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    He wasn't in the FAA but in the RN attached and on duty with the FAA. Raven, Godwit and Daedalus were all Naval Air Stations. On his Certificate of Service it has 9 Jan 45 Qual PFF and 11 Jan 45 Qual FF. I take this to mean he qualified as a firefighter and thus his duty at an Air Station would be as crew on one of the fire engines standing by when flying operations were taking place.

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  14. Chef_Hendrix

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    Thanks Tim, that all makes sense.

  15. Chef_Hendrix

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    Good Morning, just a little update a couple of years later. I successfully applied and received Jim's medals earlier this year. It seems odd that he kept a few pieces of memorabilia including his suitcase, photos, paillasse, service record, wallet and wooden name stamp but did not appear to have ever applied for his medals. It may have been that he thought he was only entitled to the War Medal but I queried in my application that with his earlier Home Guard service whether he was also eligible for the Defence Medal, and it would appear the medal office agreed.

    DSC_0210[9807].JPG medal box.jpg DSC_1066.JPG stamp.jpg
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