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    This is the attack that decimated 2 N STAFFS. They were on Buonriposo Ridge which was far too large for the number of men that the battalion deployed and the ground was far too unsuitable for effective defence so the Germans had a field day.



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    That's brilliant that has given me a better perspective and understanding of the area that he fought in it seem as you say an awful lot of ground to defend no wonder they got stuffed.

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    Capture was not the end of his story. You also need to consider what happened after capture and what they went through as POW's, including the train Journey to Bavaria from the same railway sidings and trucks as the concentration camp victims. Men died during the journey due to the conditions on anything up to a four day trip.
    Have you researched the camp, is there any information on him on record or a Liberation Report at the NA.
    There are people on here who can probably help if you need it.
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    Always wondered how his journey would have been from Italy to Germany I did not now realize how harrowing it would have been and how long it would of taken to get there very interesting.

    I have had a look on a couple of sites on Stalag XIB/357 Fallingbostel which are a general history of the POW camp and I believe there is a museum there as well but can not seem to find a web address or email address to contact.

    I am waiting for the next slot on the IRC archive site to see if I can obtain his POW card details but the next quarterly slot is mid May

    I will have to contact the NA to see if they have a Liberation report on him as well.

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    That's the Chap.
    I have his service record here and it says on his record appointed acting Warrant Officer II on the 11/10/43.

    Yes please I would love copy. thank you.
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    Thanks for the heads up I will take a l look.

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