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    Struggling to find anything to identify which unit the following officers were with in Greece in late 44 and early 45. Been on all the usual suspects (TNA, London Gazette, FMP, Ancestry, Google Books etc.) and found nothing. So I'd thought I'd put it to the forum.


    SCRUTTON Leonard Muir Captain 105852 Royal Army Service Corps - 15/03/1945 - SIB diary states body found in passage between 19 and 21 Amerikis street, Athens, having fallen from a fifth floor balcony.


    Lieutenant Evans Evan David Tegfryn 293560 Royal Welch Fusiliers WIA 03/01/45 (no RWF in Greece)


    162290 Captain PAXTON Francis Clark Hastings Royal Scots POW 11 Dec 44 (no Royal Scots in Greece)

    147435 Major WELCH Thomas James Lyndham Royal Army Ordnance Corps POW 11 Dec 44

    Thanks in advance

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    At the time of Alamein (1942), there was a Lieutenant F C H Paxton serving with 5th Battalion, The Seaforth Highlanders:


    You'll know, I'm sure, whether or not that unit was in Greece.
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    This man was a chartered accountant pre-war (vital stuff I'm giving you here).

    He lived in Radlett, Hertfordshire.

    Roll of honour

    See printed roll here:

    And later in London:
    Mr. Leonard Muir Scrutton, Chartered Accountant, of Adelaide House, King William Street, London, E.C-4...


    The London Gazette says he was a temporary major (from a private/acting corporal in 1939!), and there's another Major Scrutton who was a commando. Is it conceivable he could be the same chap? The third source below mentions that he was R.A.S.C. (T.A.) - and that he was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in Jan 1940. (Given rapid-ish promotion from the ranks and method of demise, I shouldn't be surprised if he was an intelligence officer of some kind).

    Ranks Here:
    Page 10 | Supplement 34764, 29 December 1939 | London Gazette | The Gazette
    Page 1594 | Supplement 36456, 4 April 1944 | London Gazette | The Gazette

    That might be worth chasing.
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    Thanks for this

    A lot of officers were posted to Greece in late 1944 under the "military liaison" umbrella. And mostly for their pre-war skill-sets, eg. accountants, civil engineers, agriculture experts, greek language speakers etc.

    The only thing is their war diaries/sitreps, etc more or less dried up by November 1944.

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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    As you can see, there are quite a few RASC units and their Indian equivalents in Greece at the time of his untimely death.

    5 Indian Field Bakery, RASC
    13 Port Detachment, IASC
    26 Field Butchery and Cold Storage Depot
    38 Indian Field Butchery
    236 Petrol Depot. RASC
    2 Mobile Petrol Filling Centre, RASC
    1595 Workshop Platoon
    5 Greek General Transport Company
    6 Greek General Transport Company
    177 Indian General Transport Company
    18 Company, RIASC (MAS)
    B Platoon, 64 Bulk Petrol Company RASC
    690 Company (Corps HQ Car), RASC
    331 Company RASC
    520 Company Royal Army Service Corps (Inf Bde)
    HQ 4 Indian Infantry Division RIASC
    4 Indian Divisional Troops Transport Coy
    4 Indian Divisional Troops Transport Section
    11th Indian Infantry Brigade Transport Coy
    5th Indian Infantry Brigade Transport Coy
    7th Indian Infantry Brigade Transport Coy
    220 Detailed Issue Depot (DID)
    HQ 4 Div RASC
    473 Coy RASC (Inf Div Tps)
    21 Coy RASC (Inf Bde) 2 Pls 3 Ton
    44 Coy RASC (Inf Bde) 2 Pls 3 Ton
    509 Coy RASC (Inf Bde) 2 Pls 3 Ton
    561 Company RASC (Infantry Brigade)
    1595 Independent Workshop Platoon RASC


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