Indian Light AA/Anti Tank Regiments

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    Here is George in the 1st Essex war diary to be Acting Sgt. CQMS:

    P4500435 copy.JPG
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    Wow, my great grandfather is in these pictures, I can't put into words how grateful I am for these. I've sent them to my grandma, and she's ecstatic. So glad I came across this forum.
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    Are all missing personnel lists available at Kew? How about lists of deserters?
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    I can't say as I haven't viewed these files, I came across them in the catalogue.

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    Hi Chris. I am starting to research my grandfathers WW2 History. I have a letter he wrote that was sent from India to his family back in Penrith in Dec 1942 and it states at the top Gnr. Blaylock (Robert Frederick) 143/78 LAA Regt RA.

    We also have a photo album which contains alot of pictures from his time in India and he has written details on the back of each photo such as officers names and where they were. Its going to take a while to go through them, but once i have gone through them i can forward you a copy. I have seen your attached photo but without knowing what my grandfather looked like in his younger days, im unsure who on the photo he could be. You dont have any names linked to the photo at all? Im possibly thinking my grandfather could be top left?
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    Some photos from my Grandfathers Photo Album from his time in India. He was in 78th LAA Battery 143 RA

    Boys from 143 Battery
    Boys from 143 Battery BHQ .jpg
    Officers of 143 Battery
    officer 143 battery.jpg
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    Lt Dick Royal Artillery in India

    Lt Dick RA.jpg

    officer .jpg

    Sgt Pilkington, Secunderabad
    sgt pilkington.jpg

    Sgt Thorpe
    sgt thorpe.jpg

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    rfb - thank you for the wonderful photos of men of the 143rd L.A.A. Battery.

    I've been working with the war diaries of the 78th L.A.A. Regiment, R.A. for another project and have pulled together this short summary of the 143rd Battery's time in India.




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    Thank you so much Steve for the information on 78th LAA 143 Battery, it has been really useful in linking up the photos to the places he went to in his album. My grandfather was a gunner and from his release paper it appeared that he undertook a cooks training course, becoming cook in the officers mess too. Its seems from the Royal Artillery Attestation Document that my grandfather was originally in 41st LAA in 143rd Battery before going to India. You don't happen to know anything about that regiment etc? I'm in the process of obtaining his service record from the MOD but I understand it takes a while, so I don't have all his details as yet.

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