I Was In Dachau

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    I have copied various documents which were left to me by my late Aunt Lily. They tell the story of Sergant Evan Llywellellyn Edwards 39577688 Welch Regiment (my Uncle)who was detained at Dachau Concentration Camp during WW2 and returnd to the Dachau War Trail to give evidence.
    They can be seen at http://iwasindachau.blogspot.com/
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    Just been reading your blog.
    Thanks for posting it, makes my blood boil reading it.
    Welcome to the site.
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    Fascinating stuff Jeremy.
    I've not read everything yet but will certainly do so.
    His Nuremberg Affadavit is particularly strong stuff.

    Cheers, and welcome aboard,

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  5. Smudger Jnr

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    Welcome to the forum.

    That is a very powerful transcript and thankyou for posting and sharing with us all.

    Unfortunately your uncle, as a soldier, was not alone in being sent to a concentration camp and I and everyone else I believe are relieved that he survived his ordeal.

    All special forces, commandos etc, when captured and sent to Concentration camps were not so fortunate.


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    I read about an unknown Canadian sergeant who was sent to Dachau as well, and as the liberation day came, and the camp was liberated, one G.I. handed him over his Tommy to kill some of the German P.O.W.

    Will look for more details later. I don't have the book by me right now.
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    How awful...

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